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Welcome to th Quantum Muse Art Gallery, view our featured artists and their science fiction and fantasy art.

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The Artwork of Clay Hagebusch

All images on this page are copyright by Clay Hagebusch

I have been an art director and a creative director for people all around the globe and finally decided to Freelance and have been doing that for about 11 years. Having creative freedom is the key to making what you want when you get a vision. I have taught many people over the years and the advice I give everyone (corporate or personal designers), design your dreams and visions, don't take criticism to heart! Make and let the world see it. We live in a techno world of evolution. Let it rip and show it! No one has ever visited your world, so how do they know its suppose to look like this or that?

Visit Clay Hagebusch's web site for more.

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Entering the Rift

She Plays With Magic

Approaching the Ahktuwahe Moons

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