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The Artwork of Cris Ortega

All images on this page are copyright by Cris Ortega

Cris Ortega was born in Valladolid (Spain) in 1980, and took interest in art and literature since she was a child, with special love for the horror genre. Although it was a great hobby for her, she wanted to study aeronautics or astronomy as a career. It was on 1999 when she draw her first comic about one of the short stories that she had written before, and from that moment on she began to work seriously on this profession.

While she was studying as Superior Technician on Illustration in the Art School of Valladolid, she began to publish her work on fanzines, magazines and publishers out of Spain, working at the same time as a draw teacher and exposing her work on several exhibitions. When she finished her studies of art, she worked for several years as Art Director on the advertising agency Sm2, spending her free time making commissions, book covers and the edition of the comic anthology Shade.

At the end of 2005 she began to work as illustrator for Norma Editorial, publishing with them -one and a half year later- her first artbook with written stories, Forgotten, artbook series with several volumes -three of them already published- that had been translated to several languages.

Her most recent artworks had been published on well known artbooks, like several issues of Exotique and Spectrum, in a lot of merchandising products and games and exposed in a good amount of exhibitions.

Visit Cris Ortega's web site for more.

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Hope : Pandoras Box

Ex Machina

Field of the Scarecrow

Spiders Soul

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