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The Artwork of Robert Czarny

All images on this page are copyright by Robert Czarny

My first contact with 3D graphics dated to 1988. I had a "powerful" Commodore Amiga (7.66MHz and 1MB RAM) with Videoscape 3D graphics package (2.5 MB on 3 floppies - it was the granpa of Lightwave). Then I was building my first extremely simple scenes from few spheres or cubes. Unfortunately ray-racing is a technique extremely greedy for calculating power, power which was not sufficient in case of Amiga. Even in case of simple scenes (a sphere and a mirror surface) rendering could last up to 20 hours. With such lack of calculating power it was almost impossible to create something interesting - computer technology was not apt enough to give full freedom of unlimited creation to an artist.

During next 15 years computer technology developed to extend that actual PC are such powerful as mid '80 Cray supercomputers and are almost thousand times more powerful than Amiga 500. Such computing power makes possible creation of scenes similar as in Star Wars or Matrix.

My second adventure with 3D graphics begun in 2002, when I've bought February issue of PC Format with free edition of Vue d'Esprit 2. Vue d'Esprit can be translated as "view of mind" or "vision of the spirit". Indeed Vue d'Esprit makes possible translation of almost all fantastic ideas that may be born inside an artist's creative mind into computer screen. Program is extremely user friendly, ergonomic and intuitive. You can start build your first 3D scenes without looking to manual. Using the program you learn new functions. You learn how to define new textures, how set atmosphere properties and build objects using boolean operations. Everything smoothly, easily and pleasantly. Simplicity of Vue interface allows artist to concentrate on subject of creation, instead of loosing time dealing with badly designed interface - which is the case of some other 3D programs. By the way, actually Vue d'Esptit 3 (free full version) is available with PC Format april 2005 issue (Polish edition).

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