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The Artwork of Dave Seeley

All images on this page are copyright by Dave Seeley

I was born in Boston, and before I was conscious to my surroundings, I was suburbanized for eighteen comfortable years in Andover, Massachusetts. My love and propensity for math, science and the making of art sent me off to college at Rice University in Houston where I earned a dual degree in architecture and fine art, and in the process, became an avid comics and fantasy art collector. Seduced by the charm and glamour of image making, I derailed my salaried full time day job as an award-winning architect, to have more fun and feed my creative spirit by making images.

I share a "virtual studio," via email, with fourteen awesome illustrators and an art director, where we critique each others' ongoing projects. This is an amazing way to keep it fresh, and grow, in a profession where most of us are home alone.

I almost always kick off a new piece from the ground up with photo-collage in the computer using Adobe Photoshop. I am an OCD level collector of images -an Image Junkie- and am constantly shooting photos of anything that I might use in my images.

I'll start an image with a strong photo or two chosen for the assignment brief, or just because they inspire me. Images are composed by montaging 2 to 100 photos (usually small parts of photos) into a singe image. I'll add parts and pieces in a Frankensteinian flurry, and distort, relight, repaint and overlay photos. I can take this process all the way to a finish, or I can bring this up to an "underpainting" level of 85% or 90% complete, and then print it on archival media, and finish it in oil paint.

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War Machine - Solaris / Games

The Unincorporated Future

The Burn Zone

Cobra Slave

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