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The Artwork of Todd Messegee

All images on this page are copyright by Todd Messegee

BIO Todd Messegee is a published author and produced screenwriter who also has a deep passion for painting and drawing. His images are held in private collections in Europe and the United States. Todd and his co-writer wife Lisa, blog about writing and the arts at MessegeeWrites.com And a few thought on the paintings Eve - I grew up in Japan. For some readers that will be explanation enough for the painting, “Eve.” For the rest of you I’ll ramble on a bit more. The Japanese have a delightful obsession with robots and technology and robots. Robots are cool in Japan in a way they will never be cool anywhere else. I love Japan and I love robots. “Eve” must have “loved” a robot too, because in the bottle she holds is the result of that union. Eve holds the truth in her hands… there’s a little robot inside all of us, especially if you’re Japanese. TREX TO BE THE LEAD OFF ILLUSTRATION: Technorex – Translation…Technology is King, but not just Royalty…Deity! How many of us spend as much time thinking about the creator – or even our mothers – as we spend glancing at our cell phones? What are you doing right now? Reading text on a kick-ass website (lucky you!) Pray on, you technology minions, pray on! This painting is based on a Raphael. (Not the Ninja turtle, the Italian) Only in his, the people were praying to the Virgin. Mine has a robot in it, that’s how you can tell the difference if it ever shows up on an Art History exam. The Wreck of the Giant Robot – There’s nothing I love better that a sad story. Look at that poor, huge robot all smashed to hell and flooded, just left for dead in some chilly fjord. And how about those people who have gathered on the hill to pay their respects? Look at the body language; they are sad, sad, sad! I’m laughing my head off as I write this. Why? Because I love a sad story! American GothBot - Grant Wood painted the original American Gothic and I have to admit, it was almost too scared to mess with, well almost. Wood was a hell of a painter but I just had to improve upon his a bit. I figured, what would be more American than some folks all “fixed up” with a dose of robot design? Okay, maybe that’s not all that American, but I sure like it! That Grand Wood sure could paint, but you know, he never once painted a robot. I’ve got him beat on that one. This was probably the most fun I ever had doing a painting. The background is a very close copy of the original, even down to the potted plants on the front porch.

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American Gothic

Women And Children First

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