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Welcome to th Quantum Muse Art Gallery, view our featured artists and their science fiction and fantasy art.

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The Artwork of John Rose

All images on this page are copyright by John Rose

John grew up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin where it's pretty much winter most of the year. He attended the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire, where he began collecting degrees. So far he has three. He earned a degree in English with a minor in creative writing. He later went on to earn a Masters degree in English and also an associate degree in computer programming from Chippewa Valley Technical College. But at this point he's still reserving room on the wall for that dream degree in underwater basket weaving. Over the years he's worked at a paper mill, a library, an electric and gas utility, and the world's largest producer of horseradish. He enjoys writing science fiction, fantasy, and poetry, but never seems to get paid for any of it, and is the current flash fiction editor at Aphelion-webzine.com where he runs a monthly flash fiction contest. His other creative endeavors include making movies and 3D art. Lately, in addition to making artwork to promote Aphelion's flash contest, he also has helped to create CG backdrops and animations for use in plays and musicals produced by the Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild. He currently lives in Wisconsin with his wife and their three young children.

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THe Sinister Book

Fallen Star

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