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The Artwork of Mother Nature

All images on this page are copyright by Mother Nature

Mother Nature Bwahahahahahahha

I was sitting in a bar in Woodstock NY working on this editorial. I did not have the traditional Artist’s Statement for the Artist of The Month. A patron at another table looked over at me asked me what I was doing. This being Woodstock, and all that, I told her. A minute or so later she struts up to my table, all 6 foot plus of her, and asks, no demands, “Vampires or zombies?”

I responded “I’m not into that sort of writing.”

“Make a decision, zombies or vampires?”

“Vampires,” I said.

Why, I’d like to know why?” She again demanded.

“Because they are sentient beings.”

She turned and faced the people at her table and said, “See I told you so.”

That was how this Bio-torial took shape and I still have no idea what she was talking about. Be that as it may, this Bio-torial has absolutely nothing to do with vampires and or zombies.

That night on television, some rather average comedian mentioned that he wouldn’t want to be anything other than a human animal. The reason he gave was the fact that, “Humans unlike ALL the other animals on the planet, are not in the food chain. Think of it, everything else is eat and or be eaten. We are not part of that cycle. How cool is that?”

I thought about it. We can hunt and yes we can put ourselves in danger BUT, (and I ask the reader to consider that when using the word “But”, it negates almost anything that preceded it. I stressed this to my daughter when she was young. She of course made mention of that fact to a teacher informing him that she now could ignore anything he stated previously to his conjunctive But. I did get a call), we are not always looking over our shoulders wondering if we are going to be some things next meal.

We do of course hunt each other, though not for food in most cases. That’s a different game.

I thought his comments were rather interesting and something I had not really considered from that point of view, a macro world view. Now how does that figure into this month’s artist and the theme that I’m about to address- Horror and Art and Beauty?

We are all, every plant, animal, rock and galaxy, part of Mother Nature. Mother nature is a name, a symbol, a construct, that I believe, for the most part is universally accepted. So in keeping with the desired October theme, and in a manner of speaking contradicting the premise of that comedian, I would like to present the hunters of humans: micro hunters, viruses, some beautiful and rather deadly viruses that the Public Health Information Library has made available to all to view.

Sleep tight, and don’t let the viruses bite!

“Hahahhahhahahahahahhhahahah” ( the ghost Vincent Price)

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1918 influenza virus

Anthrax oh how nice!

The dreaded Blue Screen Virus

The dreaded Blue Screen Virus

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