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The Artwork of Frank Picini

All images on this page are copyright by Frank Picini

BIO Frank Picini

I'm 52. I am married to a wonderful understanding wife named Ann who puts up with me spending too much time fishing & shooting. We have 2 sons. If I can't be found home the only other places I would be is out fishing or at the range.

I graduated from college in 1980 with a fine arts background in painting. I've sold many paintings and etchings and even mixed media drawings throughout my college days in the late 70s and through out the 80s. I started doing digital art in the early 90s. I create digital artwork for CD's and Book cover illustrations in my spare time. I do promo & production animations and medical illustrations for my day job for a living.

At this stage of my life I have in the last 20 years found what I believe to be the best way to express my personal art outside of painting. I work in many different applications. I use Cinema 4d 11 for all my modeling, scene layout, lighting and rendering. I also use Modo from Luxology. As much as I love to model and create a scene in a 3d program, I always finish up in After Effects applying any special effects that I need to composite and then in Photoshop with any final touch ups and color adjustments.

"The Darkness Craves a Mind"

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Sleep The Darkness Away


Deciduos Man

The Core Breach

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