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The Artwork of Richard Pantell

All images on this page are copyright by Richard Pantell

Normally, whatever that may mean, imply or suggest, the basis for current science fiction art is computer based. However if I were to rely on that genre alone, we would miss some other pieces and artists that have something to contribute to the world of speculative fiction even though the art work itself was not intended for this literary, speculative and philosophical environment.

This month’s artist, Richard Pantell, is a friend of mine, a teacher at The Art Students League and a painter, a graphic artist/engraver and a musician. He lives in Woodstock NY with his wife Karen Whitman, also an artist and musician.

The pieces I picked out reflect to real horror, fantasy, and maybe future dreams and nightmares. I have included a bio and links to their site. You might want to go take a look at the expansive set of work they both have created. I think you’ll like it, albeit, a bit different from our usual fare.


BIO: Richard Pantell grew up in New York City's northern borough of The Bronx. During those formative years he became acquainted with the masterworks in the city's art museums and galleries. It was also at this time that the imagery of the city's architecture, subways, billboards, and street life found its way into his earliest drawings and paintings.

Pantell Studied art at the University of Bridgeport (Connecticut), The Art Students League of New York, and is largely self-taught. He moved to the art colony of Woodstock, NY in 1977.

The paintings and prints of Richard Pantell can be found in such collections as the Butler Institute of American Art, The Museum of the City of New York, The British Museum, and the Jewish Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. He has won awards at exhibitions at The National Academy, Allied Artists of America, and many others. Articles about his work have appeared in American Artist Magazine and The Journal of the Print World; and he has had work reproduced in The New York Times and The Christian Science Monitor.

Pantell has been teaching at The Art Students League of New York since 1996.

Visit Richard Pantell's web site for more.

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Not Of This Time


And the Sea Was Parted Once More


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