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All images on this page are copyright by KRISTINA CARROLL

Kristina Carroll is an illustrator and fine artist specializing in magical realism with a figurative focus. She is heavily influenced by the Symbolist movement and all manner of imaginative storytelling, both old and new. Kristina is especially drawn to mythology, archetypes, metamorphosis and how those themes can be translated into modern narratives.

Kristina graduated from the School of Visual Arts in NYC and she has been recognized nationally for her work both in illustration and fine art. Some achievements include a Bronze medal from the Society of Illustrators L.A., inclusion in the Spectrum Fantastic Art annuals and as a finalist in the Art Renewal Center Salon. Clients include Wizards of the Coast, IDW and Realms of Fantasy. Her work has been exhibited in Museums and Galleries across the country.

Kristina is also the force behind the popular Month of Love and Month of Fear art challenges that are now entering their third successful years. These challenges attract some of the top artists in the industry and allow them to push their art to new heights with inspiring themes and community support.

Passage Passage was done for the 2013 Month of Fear Challenge. (monthoffear.com) The challenge prompt was “Recurring Nightmare”. Here’s the story:

I used to dream of flying all the time. I still do occasionally...but it's different now. When I was younger, it would be free and controlled. I would zip around, land on rooftops to watch people or sometimes even become a hero with magical powers. However, as I grew older, the dreams started to change. I had to concentrate a lot harder to fly or I wouldn't be able to control my speed and go up way too high then start falling or get stuck somewhere, having forgotten how to get started again. Then there were the wires. It would start fine- I would be flying great, ready to soar above the city and go wherever I wanted but suddenly there was a set of telephone wires in my way. I would try to go around but there were more. They were everywhere. At last, I try to go between them but I quickly get tangled up.

The worst part is when they start to electrocute me.


I was reading a lot of Distopian, Futuristic and post-apocalyptic sort of stuff around the time I did Angel. I thought of her as sort of a Mad Max in Manhattan character. If you look closely you can even find a little nod to Transmetropolitan. (one of my favorite graphic novels).


Leviathan was done for the 2014 Month of Fear challenge. The challenge prompt was “Demons Within”. You could pick a “historical” demon from mythology or make your own. I chose the Leviathan because I wanted to do a dramatic full scale illustration and thought water would be a terrific challenge.


This was also done for the 2014 Month of Fear challenge. The theme was “Masks”. This is the story:

Sometimes we do what we think people want. Sometimes we do what we think will make us the most money. Sometimes we are just afraid that no one will support who we really want to be. It's a mask we've all worn it at some point. But what happens when we surrender to that little spark inside and reveal our true selves?


Persephone was my semi- Steampunk take on the classic myth of Persephone and Hades. Every time I look at this I think –“I should paint more cities!” I do love designing whimsical architecture but I don’t often have the patience for it, plus my art has started has been living in a more surrealistic world lately. This piece was sort of my love-letter to Francois Schuiten and Tom Kidd, two of my favorite architecture artists.

Visit KRISTINA CARROLL's web site for more.

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