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Welcome to th Quantum Muse Art Gallery, view our featured artists and their science fiction and fantasy art.

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The Artwork of Lee Moyer

All images on this page are copyright by Lee Moyer

Editors, Note: I'm doing something we don't usually do, I'm presenting an artist twice and back to back from last month.

I feel Lee Moyer has such a vast and diverse portfolio that it would do us an honor to have him again, and, as he as agreed to do it.

July's theme is supposed to be presented a Humor. Lee has a truck load of art that fits this. I have picked out a few I think you'll all enjoy. There were others I liked but they didn't quite fit for QM. If you want to see more you can go to his web site. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

His bio is the same from last month as are all the connections.

Visit Lee Moyer's web site for more.

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Pooh Borg

Bread Brain





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