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The Artwork of Michael MacRae

All images on this page are copyright by Michael MacRae

Here are some comments by the artist regarding 3 of the pieces I selected”


This machine of unparalleled design wanders the barren landscape devoid of any and all life. In constant search of companions in the form of old machines reminiscent of the humans that once made them, it dedicates its existence to the upkeep of its familiars and travels the earth in search of something more.


Essentially I wanted to convey that even though these two machines are so vastly different from each other, They are able to communicate through the most basic and universal of languages: geometry and math (arguably more universal then basic however).

Furthermore I wanted to look at how technology advances. The machine in the ice is kind of a representation of modern technology in that it is -trying- to emulate nature in its design and appearance. It is an attempt to recreate the human body and it's holographic projection is a pristine, perfect mathematical geometrical form representative of what we are currently trying to achieve with technology nowadays.

Whereas looking into the future, at the liquid machine, it's perfection is in its imperfection. The shape it makes is like that of a drawing, not a computer calculation; it is imperfect. This machine is so advanced its technological curve has made a full circle to revert back to an organic form rather then a mechanically precise imitation of an organism, trying to be perfect in a universe where nothing is perfect (except math I guess I dunno) It's a naturalistic take on mechanics and technology


The two wander out of the thicket and into an open field. Through the few trees the one machine spots a figure laying in the snow. Like an eager puppy tethered to its master she tugs the other along and stands over the body.

Clearly they have ventured further south then he had anticipated. It was a rare thing to come across a corpse as decomposed as this in the tundra from whence they came. As the years pass there are fewer and fewer humans able to survive on the dwindling, untainted, resources. Little to none have managed to carve out a living up north and most have already migrated to the equator. The discovery of one dead does not mean there are others camped nearby. Likely this one died of natural causes, possibly left by fellow travelers, maybe he was alone. In any case, it should not be cause for concern.

She stands still. No movement save her eyes scanning the figure from top to bottom. There is a whirring sound followed by a series of clicks, and she breaks out of her trance. She kneels before it and then turns toward him with a slight smile, " Can you fix it?" she asks with an exaggerated, exited tone. This must be the first time she has seen a human. or at least, the first time since she was re-activated. - he tells her no, it's dead. "I was dead too. We can find parts for it!".

She doesn't understand yet, what it is to be a machine. He remains silent, and she looks back at him and her expression goes neutral once more. She then turns her head back and for a brief fraction of a second before her hair covers her face he catches a genuine glint of sadness.

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