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We are debuting our first comic strip, Bar Crawl of the Damned by William Morton. It somehow fits with our publication on a Karmic level. In any case, by the time we sobered up, the deal was signed and the strip will run for at least six months. If you like it, be sure to tip or order the books from Mortco. It is our hope that by the time he sobers up, it will be making him money and he'll keep drawing and drop all charges.

The Adventures of Skully: Skully Goes to the Movies, Paperback Demons and The Adventures of Skully: Skully Goes to College

Past Issues
(First Issue) April 2001 | Bar Crawl of the Dormed |
May 2001 | The Adventures of Skully: Young Skully in Love |
| The Exciting World of Bar Culture
June 2001 | The Enchantress of the East Village |
July 2001 | More Adventures of Skully: The Rise and Fall of Skully |
| The Drunken Rant |
August 2001 | The Hep and the Haunted |
September 2001 | More Adventures with Skully: A Skully Hamlet |
| The Date Game |

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Bar Crawl of the Damned
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Posted with express permission from William Morton of MortcoTM
Distribution is not allowed. Copyright
© 2001 William Morton

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