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Helen Henley

Helen Henley describes writing erotica as being the best way to have real fun without risking pregnancy. Twenty-five years ago she wrote what she claims to be the first honest account of deviation and fetishism from the female viewpoint. 'Enter With Trumpets' went into three editions after some critics described it as ‘an assault on female sensibility’ and ‘an endorsement of sexual aberration’. She is a unashamed fan of black comedy and believes science fiction takes itself far too seriously. So she tries to inject humour, parody and satire into her stories with varying degrees of success evinced by the growing pile of rejections. She lives in rural England where she continues to write short stories, rude letters to politicians, prune her roses and polish her boots. She also likes exchanging outrageous emails on every subject with fellow scribes and her email address is henley@byersedit.fsnet.co.uk.

Stories published on Quantum Muse by Helen Henley
The Thief of Time
The Time Child

Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.
The Greer Agency

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