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Harris Tobias
The Dreaming Fire

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Steven Bell

Pretty bland and standard stuff here. Grew up in suburbia, went to college. Wrote off and on throughout high school and college. Got away from the habit for quite a long time. Big regret there. Now I am really enjoying the time I spend creating worlds and scenes within. And to think that it all started with an innocuous email concerning who would win in a fight: Sir Topemhat or Mr. Moneybags. You can also stalk me online via twitter: @sfbell09

You can view Steven's web site at http://talesfromxira.wordpress.com

Stories published on Quantum Muse by Steven Bell
The Narsico Fontanelle Job.
Quantum Cat
The Homeless Ghosts of Calcutta
The Tower of Random Generation
The Pretty Pink Princess Fantasy Realm Play Set
The Fall of Akui, part 1.
The Fall of Akui, part 2.

Flash Stories
Tears of An Automaton

Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.

Harris Tobias
Alien Fruit

Harris Tobias
CHRONON--Time Travel

Harris Tobias