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ball James S Dorr - Atoms

James Dorr's cat, Wednesday, is a gray and black tabby named for Wednesday Addams of The Addams Family and whose favorite toy is a plastic fake spider. Indiana resident Dorr also has a short story and poetry collection, Strange Mistresses: Tales of Wonder and Romance, published by Dark Regions Press with another, Darker Loves: Tales of Mystery and Regret, due later this year.

ballJames Steimle - Work is Hell

My peculiar fiction has appeared most recently in Black Petals, Tales of the Talisman, MudRock: Stories & Tales, and Nova Science Fiction Magazine. I’ve gone back to school—evidence of the subconscious masochist in me, I think—and I hold down six other jobs to pay the bills. I’m cursed and blessed with an artist’s mind. I’m sure you understand.

ballL. Christopher DelGuercio - The Mythic Pixecide

L. Christopher DelGuercio currently lives outside of Syracuse, New York with his wife, Melissa, and cat Scout. He attended college in upstate New York and teaches at a local elementary school. His passion for storytelling originated as a child watching science fiction films from the ‘50s as well as watching all manner of things in his head. He notes that satirical commentary and humor are much neglected aspects in today’s speculative fiction market and he dips into this rich well with The Mthic Pixecide.

ballParalee Emdy -Godiva's Rogues

My name is Paralee Emdy, I am a senior in High School this year. I love to write and draw, on the side I have the minor dream to possibly self publish this book of mine, Godiva's Rogues. I have written two other books, can't say I'm proud of them. I started writing when I was a freshman in HS.

ballG.C. Dillon - The Blackthorn Mirror

G.C. Dillon is a Connecticut resident by birth, a computer programmer by training, and a writer by inclination. He has had several stories published on quantummuse.com over the last six years, as well as aphelion-webzine.com, deep-magic.net, scribaltales.com and scifidimensions.com. When he is not engrossed in legacy COBOL, Java, Python or PL/SQL, he likes to shoot off his mouth at various Internet forums under the nom-de-plume (nom-de-ordinateur?) of 'Cuchulain'.

ballCalie Voorhis - Tar Heel Dead

Calie Voorhis is a life-long science fiction and fantasy fan, a self-avowed geek, and a 2006 Odyssey graduate.

ballJenny Boyd- Train in Vain

Jenny Boyd is a frustrated music fan who often pondered the question, "Why did the band start to suck once they got popular?" and decided to explore it.



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