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Fencer Girl's Fencing Fun Pages
Site dedicated to the fun in fencing and fencers.
Tampa's Fencing Academy
main page for Tampa's Fencing Academy, with information for fencers interested in fencing in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida
Arms of Valor, Ltd. - Swords and Armor
Offering a wide selection of replica swords, armor, and other weaponry of the past.
Wooden Weapons
Wooden Weapons, swords, axes, knives, hammers, hickory
Online shop with antique and replica swords, military sabers, knives, daggers, medieval weapons, armor, shields, books, articles, fencing terminology.
The Rowan Tree
Medieval swords, armor, fencing supplies, chainmail and garb for historical reenactment, renaissance festivals, theatre and fun.
Dark Lords
Instructors of Sword Fighting
Purpleheart Armoury
Purpleheart Armoury Wooden Swords/Wasters for Fencing Historical European Western Martial Arts training
Antique and Reproduction Arms and Armor from Around the World - now featuring high quality reproductions from the Czech Republic.
Blades of Legend
Great swords and blades! Low cost! (Plus great deals on gadgets, jewelry, and figurines.)
Debbie's Treasure Chest
gifts from around the world
Medieval Swords, Bowie Knives and Fencing Foils from Spain. Order historical replicas of Guns, Swords, Knives, Armor and Stage Props.
Twilight Armory & Faery Nice
Functional swords, shields, daggers and accessories. All are battle-ready and historically accurate. The best in functional sword reproductions.
Swords and Collectible Weaponry
All types of swords from medival swords and daggers to movie swords. Top manufacturers like CasIberia and Paul Chen. is a comprehensive resource for sword terminology and classifications. Online community and forum to answer questions and aid research.
Weapons Central Inc
We offer a large selection of Swords, Daggers, Knives, and Airsoft Assault Rifles.
Sword Wizard
Nice selection of collectable and functional swords and blades.
DeLong Swords
Handcrafted Wooden Toy Swords for children of all ages patterned after the Two-Handed Long Sword of the early 14th century.
The Blade Society
The Blade Society is a fencing club and historical re-enactment group located in Portland, Maine that specializes in the Renaissance sword fighting.
Mike Gallant's page of history, fencing, short stories and other random coolness.
Starfire Swords Limited
Starfire Swords, Ltd. produces blades for costume, decoration, and staged combat.
Welcome to TorHavn
this site introduces the micronation & concept of TorHavn: a warrior nation
Licata Custom Knives
Hand made fantasy and exotic swords, knives, daggers and armor
The Chalice
Renaissance festival lovers site. With poetry, quotes, fairylands, and my own slice of life.
Axes Ode to Knives
An Ode to Knives and their wonder

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