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The Brothers
Join Thomas and Francis on their journey. Be a part of the quest for your chance at some great prizes.
Damn Dreams
This is my personal blog - but it's where I put most of my writing and things.
Sidestepping Real
Real Politics and Kitchen sink drama, poetry and pure drivel.
Post Your Work Here
Post your stories and poems for all to read! Also, check out interesting news clips and links!
The Official Anthony Beal
Official Web Presence of Horror Erotica Author Anthony Beal
Fiction Zone
Fiction Zone a site dedicated to fiction of all kind. You can either read the fiction leave and return to read the new works we have or join in and s
Rose Marie Wolf's Web Residence
Visit with this author of a new paranormal werewolf series, The Moon Series. Check out site for excerpts, contests, reviews, free stuff and more...
Words & Pictures by Lisa Beth Darling
Download novels, and short stories by Lisa Beth Darling including "Dream Weaver" the all new romance/suspense thriller novel Free stories available
Home page with links to all of my writing from poetry to erotica
Jack Drunktank
Life. Stories. Beer.
The Graphite Drug Vault
The Graphite Drug Vault is a unique collection of original work a veritable sanctuary of alternative literary entertainment
Ted Magnuson Author
Starcrossed lovers make contact with the beings of Protos in the 22nd century
Quantum Muse
Posting the finest in sci-fi, fantasy, and alternative writing and art. For free. In our sober moments...
Grilled Pterodactyl
Full of entertaining articles about computers, cooking, classical music, chatter, cycling, literature and life in general. Pointcom Top 5% of the Web.
The D&D villain's website containing new material and fan fiction.
Quantum Faux Pas
Rants, raves, some bad haiku, and worse original fiction. Sexy fan-fic, poetry, role-playing, and other agents of sleep deprivation.
Heronwing's World
Graphics, web design, fantasy tales, poetry, much more!
Joe Matlock, Author
Book research photos and commentaries for readers, drinkers and writers.
Sixbears, Inc.
Hard to find and used science fiction, fantasy and mystery books, plus the writings and rants of Raymond M. Coulombe.
Chief Blackbear
An action adventure fiction ebook and a non-profit literary association.
TJ Bartzer - Out of My Mind...
A collection of dark short fiction and poetry, not for the delicate soul.
Where the name says it all.
Poetry by Alexander Shaumyan
Lyrical poetry and satire on the corruption in American political and social life.
The Journey Library
A fanfiction site dedicated to the rock group Journey. Really. Madness abounds.
You Could Use Another Good Kiss
The only fanzine in production dedicated to Han Solo and Princess Leia. Romance, adventure, naughty bits! First two issues still available. Now accept

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