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Interesting questions for discussion. A new one each week.

Discussion Topics:

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The good, the bad, and the downright ugly: sex and romance in SFF?
Are we already living in the future?
Best stories involving climate change or 'not-with-a-bang,-but-a-whimper' environmental collapse?
Should we be worried about sexism in SFF? (Part 2)
Should we be worried about sexism in SFF?
Shakespeare in Space?
Which SFF novels should you never attempt to read while on drugs?
Any thoughts on the life, work and influence of Ursula Le Guin?
Cliches in Fantasy fiction?
Things to look forward to in 2018?
Thoughts on this?
Relationships in the future?
Dreaming of a White House Christmas Carol?
Character flaws?
Disappointing sequels?
Which is the more powerful as a driver of plot: power or desire?
Best weapons in SFF ever!?
How important is fame?
How important is fame?
Best robots/androids in SciFi?
Is social media Douglas Adam’s Babel Fish and will we survive it?
Controversy or not? Contemporary Politics in SFF
Incongruous horrors that nevertheless work?
What music would you want on a Quantum Muse writer's playlist and why?
How important is 'Boob physics'?
Best use of Signs and Wonders?
Ideas for nanotech in Sci-Fi?
Best genre cross-overs?
What would (or indeed, what does) African Science Fiction or Fantasy look like?
Are dragons the most compelling fantastical beasts in Fantasy Fiction?
Who wants to live forever? Transhumanism in SFF
What do you look for in critiques of your work?
Do you Manga?
Do you keep a writer's notebook?
What story is happening in Max Mitenkov's "Welcome Home"?
What, if anything, has SFF to say about Manchester?
Favourite non-fiction reading?
Doing accurate research for your SFF writing?
Best and worst uses of character voices in SFF?
Best SFF Graphic Novels?
Best uses of SFF for Satire?
How has Science Fiction influenced really existing science and technology?
The world in a grain of sand: Privacy and the Panopticon in our future?
What are the biggest differences between Fantasy and Science Fiction for you?
Who would you like to cast in a filmed version of one of your own stories?
The Harry Potter effect?
Most Romantic tales or characters from SFF and Horror fiction?
What is your next SFF read? What made you choose it?
Most villainous villains?
Best advice for writing you ever heard?
Stories or characters that grew out of games?
Best hidden and alternative realities?
Happy New Year! Also - Is the human race irretrievably insane?
What SFF novel or series would you most like to see televised?
Coolest weapons in SFF?
'Hey! That's my story!' - that sinking feeling when someone else seems to have told your tale already?
Most interesting non-human character in SFF?
Predictions for the next 4 years?
Reading recommendations?
"There and Back Again" - most intriguing, captivating or exciting modes of transport in SFF?
Who are your favourite non-SFF, non-Alternative, non-Horror short story writers? Why?
SFF and the Movies - who influences who more?
A post-human future?
Science Fiction and the experience of modern warfare?
Best first pages?
"tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'?" Thoughts on language and the the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis in SFF?
Reading round-up?
Codes of Honour?
Most inspiring visual prompts?
Most inspiring visual prompts?
Most alien aliens?
Race, racism and colonialism in SFF - thoughts?
Fantastic Fantasy Heroines?
The future of dating and relationships?
"[T]he book was not dedicated to erotic problems of people in outer space ... This is why the book was entitled 'Solaris' and not 'Love in Outer Space'". Disappointing movie adaptations.
"This is the way the world ends / Not with a bang but a whimper." Thoughts on the end of the world?
How do you like your prose: 'Protestant', 'Catholic' or eclectic?
How much do landscape descriptions matter in SFF writing?
What makes a fully rounded character?
What's in a name?
Horror Fiction Celebrity Death Match!
Exercises to develop the imagination?
Upcoming movies to look forward to this Summer?
Story Brainstorm: The Future of Money?
One-World Government of the Future?
Could you be a deep space traveller?
Favourite non-SFF reads?
Favourite non-SFF reads
Going beyond pale: is any topic off-limits in SFF?
Quantum Muse at the Movies: Thoughts on Ghostbusters 2016 reboot?
SFF books that privilege a political agenda over story – worst offenders?
What do you find most attractive about Science Fiction and Fantasy?
Best satires on Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres?
Favourite superheroes?
Greatest love story in Science, Fantasy and Horror Fiction?
What's your favourite deity from ancient mythology?
Where do you do most of your writing?
Getting published - your thoughts, feelings, experiences on this?
Do you think SFF fiction appeals to some kinds of people more than others?
What are your predictions for 2016?
You can have any magical item you like as a gift - what is it? Why do you want it?
Most interesting families and 'anti-families' in SFF fiction?
Have you ever found inspiration in Nature?
Which SFF and Horror fiction cliches do you hate most?
Quantum Muse discussion goes to the movies ...
Do you think humanity will ever colonise distant planets?
Future global conflicts?
Favourite quotes from Sci-Fi and Fantasy authors?
Favourite works of Gothic horror?
The Future of Work?
Best ghost story?
Most unlikely form of lycanthropy?
Stephen King has said: "We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones." Is he right?
Religion in space?
What Science or Fantasy based fiction are you reading right now?
What Science or Fantasy based fiction are you reading right now?
Most complex female character?
Best stories about Knights in Armour?
Favourite book cover artwork?
Why do always seem to side with the rebels?
Thoughts on Hugo award prize winners this century?
Design your own space colony!
Funniest SFF fictions in your experience?
What are your thoughts on 'hard' science fiction?
Why is H.P. Lovecraft so compelling?
Weirdest and/or most unfathomable SFF ever?
Most thought-provoking Science Fiction?
Most thought=provoking Science Fiction?
What are the limits of magic in Fantasy Fiction?
Mad Max Fury Road - thoughts?
Let's have an SFF Fiction Saturnalia ...
Greatest Warrior(s) of SFF fiction?
Are we all well and truly s____d?
Outstanding SFF short stories?
What are your favourite Discworld moments?
Favourite Discworld moments?
QM's Monthly artists - who are your favourites?
Most inspiring or enjoyable episode of 'Star Trek'?
What's your take on Games and Science and Fantasy Fiction?
Most innovative/intriguing story structure in SFF fiction?
Greatest written romance in Science Fiction and Fantasy?
Do you have a favourite map?
Best Historical sources of inspiration?
Do you have any 'red pencil' passages?
What's your favourite piece of ancient literature?
Character or plot?
What are your predictions for 2015?
What's in a name – Science Fiction or Speculative Fiction?
Most interesting SFF reads of 2014?
It's 2064 – what are people doing for fun?
It's 2064 – what are people doing for fun?
How do you get yourself motivated to write?
Will recent high profile disasters create setbacks for space travel? Thoughts?
Which emerging technologies do you think will have the biggest impact?
Why do you think Vampires have such a powerful and enduring grip on the imagination?
Of all the creatures of the night, why do you think Vampires have such a powerful and enduring grip on the imagination?
Can Science and Fantasy Fiction change the way society thinks?
Why do Elves have pointy ears? Thoughts?
Best alternative reality in fiction?
Most mouthwatering descriptions of food?
The League of Extraordinary Characters?
Most inexplicably popular work of Science Fiction or Fantasy?
Fantasy Fiction Death Match?
The most magical magic?
The dystopian life?
Hero and Nemesis?
World building?
Worst film in Scifi/fantasy?
Funniest unfunny Author?
Who's reality do you want to be lost in?
Can Science Save the world?
Which movies are only good once?
Favorite current TV show?
Who is Big Brother?
What Novel should be a Movie?
Summer Movies?
How will humanity end?
Best mixed-genre novel
Best Movie of 2013?
Favorite Web Comic?
Worst Stereotype in Scifi/Fantasy/horror?
Conventions 2014
Best book you read in 2013?
The Desolation of Smaug
Which is your favorite doctor?
Stereotypes in Fiction?
Movie Party?
Ender's Game?
Scary movies
Alien response?
ebook covers?
Worst science ever?
Summer Movies?
Colorful Characters?
Trippy Authors?
Pie delivery service?
Movie of Steel?
Fictional character you’d most want to be?
Star Trek Curse?
Best Magical Item?
ebooks much?
Fantastic Sports?
How do you pick out a book?
Character you’d fear most in real life?
Best heckling movie?
What are you Watching?
What are you Watching?
Desert Island book list?
Damsels in distress?
Science Fiction Actor?
What is Science Fiction?
Colony on Mars?
New books in 2013
Worst movie of 2012?
Best movie of 2012?
Would you like to survive?
Would you go to Mars?
Manned trip to Mars?
New Doctor or old?
Best book you ever read?
What irritates you about literature?
Who do you want to be?
Halloween Costume?
Funny horror movie?
Best Horror Movie?
Poe or Lovecraft?
Great Monsters?
Favorite Sci-Fi Novel
Favorite Fantasy Movie?
What do you make of remakes?
Which Star Trek actor (Classic or Next) gave the best performance in a different TV series or movie and why?
Olympics 2112? What will be changed?
What will the Olympics look like a century from now? Maybe we'll have free-fall hockey? Bio-enhanced humans? What do you think?
Worst movie based upon a book?
The Avengers Movie
Best book cover?
Best movie adapted from a book?
Favorite villain
Fictional Character you’d most like to hang with?
Lesser know series?
Favorite sci fi movie line?
Best Stand Alon SF Novel?
Best CGI movie?
Most Consistent Author?
Toughest female character?
Worst science in a movie?
Worst book from a great author?

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