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mark211QM's Monthly artists - who are your favourites?2015-03-08 14:54:25
mark211As you we at QM hope you are well aware, every month we feature an SFF artist (and this has included our very own Richard Tornello) - Do you have any favourites? Which image have you seen that you think could most inspire you to write a piece of short fiction? Thoughts?2015-03-08 14:56:17
mark211To refresh your memory, here's a link to the archive of all the wonderful artists that have been featured on this site:http://www.quantummuse.com/artistlist.php2015-03-08 14:57:06
micheledutcherThanks for asking! When I really started paying attention to the great artwork The Muse has put on display monthly, was in February of 2011. Donato Giancola was the artist that month and his 'Golden Rose' painting tells a story without using any words. You can go to Menu, artwork, then click on the thumbnail to bring up the paintings selected for Quantum Muse by the artist. Golden Rose has mer-people who are dead and have washed up on the shore, while a ground-bound person mourns them. Amazing storytelling. Another favorite was John Alvin's artwork - especially Bladerunner. There are bios with the all the artwork and John Alvin's says the was 'creating the promise of a great experience'. I love the artwork - it's an important part of The Muse's offerings every month. :) 2015-03-10 08:35:37

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