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mark211Favourite Discworld moments?2015-03-16 09:21:32
mark211As you will all know by now, British author Sir Terry Pratchett died recently (12 March 2015), but not before leaving us with (at the very least) some 40 Discworld fantasy novels, not to mention short stories and other collaborations. 2015-03-16 09:24:47
mark211Do you have any particular favourite moments? 2015-03-16 09:27:19
mark211I have to say although I've only read a handful of the fiction in this series, the definition of 'headology' given by the witch, Granny Weatherwax in the novel *Wyrd Sisters*. In short, this involved telling someone who had done you wrong that something bad would happen to them ... so the next time they stub their toe or break a pitcher of fresh milk they'll immediately think back to the moment of the curse and assume it was the power of the witch who did it. Neat indeed.2015-03-16 09:30:09

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