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tgoyetteBest movie adapted from a book?2012-06-04 04:07:06
tgoyetteFor me this has to be, I Robot. From a collection of shorts the writer/director made a very entertaining story. It is not really true to the book, but that’s not really the question.2012-06-04 04:07:35
gdgoodsonAlways thought Lord of the Rings was done really well. It remains one of my favorite films. Didn't really care for I Robot. Probably because I wanted less action. And perhaps this is a bit predictable but Blade Runner was fantastic. I actually didn't see it until a few years ago. I read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep before realizing this was the book that Blade Runner was based. Great adaptation, and great film in its own right.2012-06-04 08:15:37
mark211Possibly the best SF novel ever written (to my mind if no one else's) is Stanislaw Lem's sublimely brilliant 'Solaris', so I would love to say either the Tarkovksy (1972) or the Soderbergh (2002) versions are the best ... only, they just aren't, whatever other good qualities they do have. I love 'Bladerunner' but it's so different from the book that I think can hardly be called an adaptation (brilliant as it is, and even though tgoyette points out it's not really the question). I think one of the most faithful adaptations is the animated version of 'Akira' (1988) but my personal favourite is '2001: A Space Odyssey' because it's just so mind-bendingly weird! 2012-06-04 09:15:14
Gordon RowlinsonI thought the worst was 2001. It did not do justice to Arthur C Clarke's novel.2012-06-05 04:42:22
CuchulainnBefore my mousy cursor could even begin its quest for the link to the discussion page, I knew a Philip K. Dick novel would be my pick for best adaptation. But which? “Blade Runner” (1982) / “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” (1968), “Total Recall” (1991) / “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale” (1966), “Minority Report” (2002/1956)? I’m choosing “A Scanner Darkly” (2006/1977)! With great performances by Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Woody Harrelson, and a superb performance by Robert Downy, Jr, it is the story of an undercover drug investigation. It was animated from live action by interpolated rotoscope, which gives the film a dreamy quality that fits in well with the scramble suits the people wear. This was a wonderfully accurate adaptation; you can actually read along with the novel while screening the DVD or streaming video. The film even includes Dick’s original dedication to friends lost. There is only one noticeable change; it may be more of an updating of a thirty year old work than a major alteration. (Or it could just be making something explicit in the movie than was only implicit the book – hint: Donna’s full role.) “A Scanner Darkly” is simply the best movie adapted from a book. 2012-06-05 05:53:30
CuchulainnAlthough a critical and financial flop, I’d like to nominate “The 13th Warrior” for this topic. – It was a 1999 adaptation of Michael Crichton’s 1976 “Eaters of the Dead”, which itself was an adaptation of the Old English poem “Beowulf”. This flick was a thrilling action film with realistic dark ages battle scenes. It was also a great movie adaptation, which captured the culture clash of the novel and its anthropological scholarship milieu. Wikipedia reports that Crichton wrote the book to prove that the adventure of Beowulf is not a boring tale if told in the right way (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eaters_of_the_Dead#Sources_and_inspiration). I guess for most, the movie did not bolster his argument; however for me novel and film did illustrate Crichton’s point.2012-06-05 05:55:35
CuchulainnThird Thought: to along with the ‘that’s not really the question’ point about faithfulness of the adaptation: How about “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” 1989 and the book “Who Censored Roger Rabbit?” by Gary K. Wolf, 1981. It was a wonderful clever and brilliantly delivered film. A pretty good book too, but not really the same at all, i.e. Jessica really wasn’t just drawn that way. 2012-06-05 07:29:56
mark211Not fantasy or SF (or not obviously so) but I changed my mind - 'Fight Club' makes a cracking good novel and movie adaptation. 2012-06-06 15:27:31
micheledutcherThank you Cuchulainn for your mentioning 'A Scanner Darkly' - a sleepy cult classic if I ever saw one. The screen performances are amazing and the scenes are gritty and punchy, exactly what they needed to be. I've always been amazed that this movie didn't get more play, but it usually takes a decade for people to catch up to genius. 2012-06-07 08:57:52
Gordon The Dead Zone directed by David Cronenberg and starring Chris Walken was very good. I'll mention it but it isn't the best adaptation.2012-06-08 04:20:35
tgoyetteSorry, I wasn't thinking, or remembering. The Princess Bride!2012-06-08 05:02:13

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