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mark211Outstanding SFF short stories?2015-03-22 01:53:42
mark211Present company of all QM's excellent contributors excluded, are there any outstanding SFF short stories that you would recommend to other readers and writers or this site? 2015-03-22 01:54:49
mark211If you could give us the title and author and say a little something about why it appeals to you that would be great.2015-03-22 01:57:18
jessbaum"Snow, Glass, Apples" by Neil Gaiman. This is not your typical fairy tale retelling, Neil Gaiman delivers (as usual) by contorting things so well that your mind is set into a whole other realm of possibilities. It's a new take on Snow White, the best one in my opinion. 2015-03-22 06:47:50
Pippin91I kow this is an obscure one, and I can't find it to read any more, but one of the stories I read as a boy (from a tattered old library SF anthology) that really got me interested in SF was called "The Waverlies" by Frederic Brown. Written in the 1940's (before my time) it tells the story of an alien lifeform that rides radio waves to earth. These interfere with electricity and throw the world back into a pre-electrical era. After a period of mass chaos, people adapt well and life goes on. There was a TV series not too long ago that had a similar premise. Not sure if they drew on this story. 2015-03-22 07:12:28
mark211@jessbaum: Thanks for that recommendation. I love comics and first came across Gaiman through Vertigo's 'The Sandman'. I have to be honest and say I generally find his work a bit on the thin side, but credit where credit's due there were a series of issues now collected together and called 'Fables & Reflections' that made a really huge impression on me for years - There was an issue called 'Thermidor' and it was the first I'd heard that the French Revolutionaries had actually renamed the months and the days; there was also a standout retelling of the Orpheus myth that ends with an eyeless head floating on the ocean; and another great one was called "Three Septembers and a January" which featured a homeless alcoholic who declares himself to be the Emperor of the United States. Although it's a dream of his, it kind of becomes a reality as everyone around him begins to treat him as if were an Emperor. When he dies, there is a huge funeral procession for him at the end. 2015-03-23 09:42:34
mark211@Pippin91: I'm afraid I don't know that one but I suspect there must be thousands of good short stories in those back catalogues of 'Amazing' and so on. I think I remember seeing a trailer for that TV series because it had Gus from Breaking Bad riding a horse looking like a bad-ass (again) in it. I think that's the one you mean, though I don't know what it's called.2015-03-23 09:44:41
IronspiderFor reasons that elude me, I've always enjoyed the pulp science-fiction Northwest Smith stories by C L Moore, with Shambleau being my favourite. Back in 2010 I purchased a copy of 'Northwest of Earth' which is a collected edition of all the Smith stories, and found the stories to be a little repetitious in their execution, by enjoyable none-the-less.2015-03-24 00:43:36
jessbaumEvery time we discuss stories my reading list grows :)2015-03-24 06:22:15
Pippin91Yes, @mark211 that's the series - the Frederic Brown short story was much better. I'm also a big fan of the late Kage Baker, who had a wonderful imagination. Instead of making a list, I'll just recommend ALL of her short stories! Her novels weren't quite as good - her core competence was definitely the short story.2015-03-24 07:59:45
micheledutcherThe Minority Report by Phillip K Dick.2015-03-26 13:25:44
adoxaThat TV show is "Revolution" - outstanding it is not (but I'll still watch the second season, if it comes to Aus FTA).2015-04-07 19:07:37

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