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Out of Nowhere by Patrick LeClerc.
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mark211Mad Max Fury Road - thoughts?2015-05-25 04:40:44
mark211OK, so first off I know that this is an SFF short fiction site, but we do occasionally discuss movies and - although I have yet to see it myself - this one looks to be worth all the acclaim and adulation it seems to be getting on both social and main stream media. 2015-05-25 04:42:21
mark211I want to see it anyway because I understand that two great British comics artists - Brendan McCarthy and Simon Bisley - did a great deal of the production design so it strikes me as being worth seeing for that reason alone. However, I'm also intrigued by the fact that Eve Ensler - that's the woman who wrote 'The Vagina Monologues' but also someone who has spent many years working with victims of war and violence in West Africa (the DRC I think). Anyway, what do y'all think?2015-05-25 04:45:06
micheledutcherI haven't seen it yet, but I intend to. I'll see Mad Max before I see Futureworld - which I fear looks predictable. 2015-05-26 12:43:51

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