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tgoyetteThe Avengers Movie2012-06-25 04:04:59

The Avengers Movie, the one with Iron Man and Thor, not Steed and Mrs. Peel.

By now most everyone who is going to see has. What did you think of it? It wasn’t long on plot but had a plethora of great one-liners. As is the job of any movie, it is meant to be entertaining, and to attract audiences. It did that very well.

2012-06-25 04:05:55
micheledutcherThe last movie I saw was 'Dark Shadows' and it was better than I expected. If you could have taken out everything in the commercials, you'd have a good movie. All those one-liners were stupid. But the rest of the movie was the insane, dark, lavish film I was secretly hoping for. PS - I've decided to stop seeing movies where J.D. wears grease paint. Boo and boo. 2012-06-26 11:28:51
IronspiderI'd say Avengers Assemble was neither better nor worse than I'd anticipated - I didn't have particularly high hopes for it, despite being penned by Joss Whedon. There were some good one liners and some of the action sequences were well choreographed/animated(?). But on the whole I think I still prefer Iron Man (I), with Captain America a reasonable second option.2012-06-29 04:21:14
micheledutcherI just saw Spiderman and it really was different from the earlier versions. There wasn't as much emphasis on superhero good vs supervillian bad, as much as what it's like to be a geeky kid in high school who falls in love for the 1st time and becomes a superhero as well. The whole bug bite was better explained - lots of science and psychology...different from the previous efforts. Summer movie - stay inside the AC, get out of the heat, be entertained for an hour.2012-07-07 07:04:50
SixbearsGood fun summer movie. It did cause me to go back and watch, "The Hulk, "Captain America," and "Thor." You could say it put me in a superhero mood. 2012-07-08 18:24:00
FilmgeekAvengers was a wild ride. Checkout the trailer of this indie scifi, Cybornetics, http://youtu.be/DHvrrTwbh4g2012-07-09 15:57:22

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