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mark211Religion in space?2015-09-14 14:23:23
mark211Which of the world's religions - major or minor - do you think would find it the easiest to transition away from Earth and into the deeps of space assuming, that is, that at some point humankind is able to find and colonise some far distant 'Goldilocks' planets and habitable moons? 2015-09-14 14:25:39
micheledutcherThis is a great question - especially in terms of sci-fi. Whenever religion showed up in Star Trek, it was a lie basically. However, with deep space nine, they made up their own religion with the worm hole and all. It might be interesting to challenge oneself to writing a sci-fi story updating a current religion. Great question Mark 211! 2015-09-14 15:00:47
rtZen Buddhism, easily.It doesn't come with all the other mythological baggage that is particular to Christianity as it currently propagated, nor Islam. Hinduism while at its core holds something, all the added-on gods, like catholic saints (ex Roman and Greek gods and such), is too much fantasy. What you're really asking, and I'm guessing the question at a deeper level, is what earth based ethical and moral structure would fit a galactic world view. To that I still feel Buddhism and Zen Buddhism, again without all the trappings that have been added on to please some folks that require the additional myths, provides an ethical structure that works beyond the borders of the planet. Consider the just what the basic tenants of Christianity, the Hebrew scriptures and Koran are and they become limiting in their probable appeal to other galactic beings and to our own people that will see the galaxy in a manner that the earth bound can't even truly imagine. rt 2015-09-14 15:31:18
RTBeen thinking about this. Why the need for religion at all? Ethics and morality are keystones to civilized behavior are they not?

The need, the origins for a god is to cover ones fear of the unknown, and then the need for a soul the fear of death, of oblivion.

At a certain point I'm going to assume that we as a thinking race of beings will figure out the nature of nature and that will negate the requirement for an almighty to protect what we will understand as the natural cause of events whether we are the fart of a black hole or part and parcel of one, it really won't matter. It just will be.

As for life after death, that to will be recognized as wishful thinking. and life will be accepted as it is, a temporary phenomena to be enjoyed, and then the end.

It's not so bad when you consider being a slave to myth and boogie men. RT

2015-09-15 05:28:46
micheledutcherRT and I have been cybertalking a bit and I was trying to think of an overlap between science and religion. I wonder if conservation of energy and reincarnation might be an overlap. The universe is cold enough with religion - not everyone is suited for absolute atheism. As you may well read in next month's edition (October Ghosts) there are things that have happened to me that I can't explain - and isn't that basically what religion is? - a way to classify what we don't understand and bring it under our control? Beyond that, cultures we run into might have their own religions - assuming there are cultures in space. Dear god, if there is a god, save my soul, if I have a soul. 2015-09-15 12:16:10
r.tornelloAs humans as we are evolved now, Iím guessing those who think like me and in the past, thought like me would have been put to death as a threat to society. So the genetic preponderance to believe in this and/or that metaphysical theory, you might want to consider, was selected in.

Religion was and is an ancient form of physics, an attempt to describe and understand the universe that we exist in. However the need for a Bronze Age mythology, no matter how itís clothed, in todayís world is more of a hindrance, (see my comments on INDEPENDENCE DAY as a part of this argument) for the needs of the planet and the human race. This does not negate the need for ethics and morality, where ethics are the guidelines and morality the proper action within the constraints of that ethical foundation. (For more on this see Justice For Hedgehogs, by Ronald Dworkin)

The comfort factor of a God as protector and of a soul as a way of providing some form of ongoing hope, (given the love of life that we all seem to have) is again not in keeping with the development of our knowledge, and in many ways these beliefs stifle real human advancement especially when they are tied to an organized State or some theological body that is intent on perpetuating its existence, and basis its belief structure on such a mythology as mentioned previously.

What may have worked a few thousand years ago is not what we need today.

So many people have been wrapped up in it theseÖ.Ēhighly developed theories, they are all the same extremely subtle mental projections, garbed in an intricate metaphysical and philosophical phraseology,íí* that to break away is, as the Buddha said, swimming against the current. IItís easier to continue to believe in these things because everybody else does, or to use a phrase I heard, The Big Payoff, Better to believe and be wrong than not and be wrong.

* pg 32 What The Buddha Taught, Walpola Rahula, Grove Press, 1974 RT

2015-09-15 13:46:57
micheledutcherIím an atheist, so the point is moot for me. But as an atheist I know how difficult it is NOT to believe in something. Also, Iím attracted to ritual Ė like going back to the altar in the cave and lighting incense and meditating. Not so that a god shows up, but rather so I can feel the power of the earth and return belly of mother earth, and have an altered state of conscienceless. Religion is more than looking for god. Religion in the future may become worship of whatever AI is in charge of a planet. 2015-09-16 04:52:58
Sidewinder4Gordon L. Harris has addressed this question in his 1978 Sci-fi book APOSTLE FROM SPACE. An Alien spaceman crashes off the coast of Florida and swims ashore. His civilization bankrolled his trip to Earth in order to locate the birth world of Jesus Christ. There is another tale of bug-like creatures crashing in Germany [1400's] near a monastery. Some of the creatures become believers and some do not. But all who stay eventually die because a certain amino they require is not present on Earth. A smith makes them wire from gold and some of them leave in their repaired inter-dimensional transport craft. A true believer in any region would expect alien space travelers to at the least have heard of his god; perhaps from TV. If not believe themselves. Hebrews 11:3 "... the worlds were framed..." [also translated Universe, ages, or world in various translations.] For a great description of a fire breathing dragon see: The Bible, Job 41. Leviathan is the type of creature. Some scholars say this is a crocodile. Can't be; crocodiles don't breathe out fire. 2015-09-16 20:46:57
rtsiderwinder, okay and so? This doesn't answer or even address the question.2015-09-17 04:49:27
WessonRealistically, I don't see any human giving up or changing their religion, no matter where they are in the universe.2015-09-17 08:33:55
RTMaybe, just maybe, in time religion will lose the "bugga bugga" ancient fantasies along with its attempt at physics, and become more of a system of ethics and morality where each one has some unique aspect that appeals to different individuals. By unique aspect I'm suggesting dietary laws as an example.

gotta get back to work helping our people kill their people before their people kill our people.

2015-09-17 12:40:52
micheledutcherHi Sidewinder4 - I remember a story like the first one you addressed: A guy chasing a 'Jesus' figure who keeps getting to star-systems 'a little while later' than Jesus (within 2000 years, but still not close enough). Beyond our own system of morals and beliefs, I wonder what kind of religion an AI would have - perhaps the 3 basic laws of robotics would be the basis of their belief system? 2015-09-18 12:42:50
Sidewinder4Religion is mankind or creature-kind reaching out to God or gods. Relationship can be deep or shallow but there is "give and take" involved. Once a relationship is established "OK and so?" and "buggy-bugga" are just collections of letters that mean something to some one else. I know Jesus MUCH BETTER than I know all of you. Medical doctors diagnosed both me and my wife as sterile. Christ told me that we would have kids. WE have three offspring: a lawyer, an NFL football player, and a research scientist. And ten grands 9 on-the-hoof and one will be here any minute. Would any of that cease if I were in orbit around Mars. No. Do I expect extra terrestrials to believe in God? Some yes, some no, and others maybe. My faith in Christ is based on more and better experience than your faith in your car. Don't take my word for it. Dare God to show Himself to you. Then try to laugh off what happens. 2016-07-10 22:14:34

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