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mark211Most unlikely form of lycanthropy?2015-10-03 23:03:43
mark211Although 'Lycanthropy' comes ultimately from the "Greek *lukanthrōpia*, from *lukos* ‘wolf’ + *anthrōpos* ‘man’" (OED), a wolf is not the only form of therianthropy one can take - were-tigers and were-bears are equally plausible.2015-10-03 23:12:42
mark211But what do you think would be the most unlikely, bizarre and absurd form of therianthrope? What would there special powers be? How would their life be affected by the curse? What about a were-cockroach, a were-budgie or a were-chihuahua?2015-10-03 23:15:00
mark211Aww c'mon I thought this was quite a fun question! No? Oh well, never mind - I shall put up a new one on the morrow ...2015-10-09 09:28:16
micheledutcherThis is a fun topic, Mark 211. A were-chicuahua is not too much of a stretch - those yappers are scary. Too much energy and leaping around. I didn't know what lycanthropy was...I think there is an anthology someone is putting together that is looking for submissions. A cockroach would be funny - a roachman...guaranteed to be the last man standing after an atomic war...we can name him Darryl Dixon. Vampire bats are like were-people. The were-bunny in Monty Pyton's movie is a funny mix, but it's not a human. Maybe it would be like an Easter Bunny gone rogue. Keywords: The Easter Bunny Hates You (really, it's a funny youtube video). 2015-10-09 11:15:53

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