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tgoyetteWorst movie based upon a book?2012-07-09 16:09:51
tgoyetteThis one should be difficult because there are too many bad movies based upon books. I'd submit Legends of Earthsea. It was produced for the science fiction channel, based upon the works of Ursula K. Le Guin. I'll just say very loosely based upon. They ripped the heart out of the story, took a few minor characters and wrote a whole new story about them. 2012-07-09 16:14:14
micheledutcherThe 2005 movie based on Hitchhikers Guide was a disaster. I hated the big-headed robot (Why do that - when there are so many excellent examples of robots/AIs already?!) Perhaps it's just hard to make a funny sci-fi movie. I did like "It's cold outside, there's no freakin' atmosphere. We're all alone more or less..." but that's TV too. 2012-07-10 06:31:26
RoxtonWhat I hated about the 2005 Hitchiker's Guide was how they turned Zaphod into a gibbering moron and Trillian into the same character Zoey Deschanel always plays.2012-07-11 07:51:58
mark211That 2005 Hitchhiker's ... was a stinker wasn't it? And I like Martin Freeman, he would have been a great Arthur Dent if the rest of the movie hadn't sucked big time. I think an all-time holy cow style shocker of an adaptation was the literally criminal film version of Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's 'The League of Extraordinary Gentleman' ... that was an absolute u-bend blocking monster t***d of a movie adaptation. 2012-07-11 14:00:10
MadNigeStarship Troopers. Only similarity to the book was the title and a couple of character names, with some scenes vaguely recognizable having been reflected in a cracked mirror viewed through obscured glass, others bearing no discernible relationship to the world portrayed in the book, except in the negative. Sort of like replacing Van Gough's Sunflowers with a kindergarten picture of a daisy...2012-07-15 07:15:20
SitrucI have to agree with the above - Hitchhiders Guide and Starship Troopers.... Both horrible movies.2015-12-09 10:44:37

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