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mark211Future global conflicts?2015-11-08 11:42:42
mark211Not the cheeriest of subjects, I know, but as 11 November and Armistice Day draws near, marking the day on which the guns over the killing fields of the Western Front fell silent, perhaps it is timely to think about the future and the likelihood of a third global conflagration. The chaos currently ensuing Syria, in which an enclave of Shia muslims (along with others such as Kurds and Yezidis) are surrounded by hostile Sunni groups on all sides and, of course, where foreign powers - the US, the French, the Russians, the Iranians, and the Saudis - are all also pitching in, is clearly alarming enough to start wondering where all this is leading and how it's going to end. 2015-11-08 11:51:32
mark211How likely do you think a future global conflict is likely to be? What do you think might prompt it? How do you think it might all end?2015-11-08 11:54:20
rtread my story THEY NEVER KNEW. 2015-11-09 05:50:41
mark211Thanks for the tip - although have you got a link or an author for that story? It's too broad a title to track it down on Google.2015-11-09 10:42:56
rtIt's one of the stories published here in QM2015-11-09 12:39:37
mark211You're not going to make this easy are you? ; - )2015-11-10 12:54:40
rtOne factor to consider is resources, specifically water, access to to it and too much of it as in sea rise and population displacement.

From that one can project the possible. But use that as the base line then add in other variables. However to do any of this one needs the data to work with. Much of it is out there. It becomes a matter of research and then some "number crunching". This has been done and continuing to be done by insurance companies concerned about risk, and intelligence agencies concerned about continuity of their governments.

Add my comments, that is my story I mentioned above, and you have at least one potential play-list to work with.

Just remember nature and politics have vacuums.They will be filled. Look at the Mid-east and the vacuum (socio-political there and financial here)we created by invading Iraq.

That's just starters.

Love and punches, RT

2015-11-10 17:00:01
rtnext to last paragraph correction should be: "hate vacuums" not have vacuums. Sorry. RT2015-11-10 17:02:17

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