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mark211Do you think humanity will ever colonise distant planets?2015-11-15 05:48:07
rtif we don't eliminate our selves or fall back into mythological political nonsense and religious (same thing) control. Bugga bugga instead of facts. RT2015-11-15 12:48:26
John David RoseIt all depends on what you mean by 'colonize' and 'distant.' Technically all planets are distant. So if you are including planets in our solar system, such as Mars, and if by colonize you mean 'have at least a scientific outpost there, akin to what we have in Antarctica,' then I think it's likely. On the other hand, if you are asking if we will ever having thriving human civilizations on planets that are light years away, well... that's a bit more of a long shot, isn't it.2015-11-15 12:58:57
mark211Well, I was thinking of Goldilocks planets beyond our own Solar System so "distant" means almost inconceivable distances away from where we are now. I like to think that we will be able to achieve this at some point, but then on the other hand I think we may have reached our apex already as far as that's concerned ... I mean can a species that has only relatively recently emerged out of the forests to explore the savanah really have what it takes biologically and psychologically to effect a journey across such gulfs of the gas and debris filled void to set up home on the other side of God knows where?2015-11-16 04:28:40
rtMark re your last statement, NOPE just look around you.Monkeys killing monkeys over bugga bugga. Unless there is a total restructuring of current the planetary mindset (INDEPENDENCE DAY) It is nwvwr going to happen.

Look at the Reactionary Supposed Religious, veritable idiots on the Republican right who are calling the shots. Then look at IS in Syria; same shit different location. One of them is actually calling for the death of gay people. See this in today's NY TIMES editorial on this subject. IT should scare you to death.

Make it to the stars? It will be a wonder if we make it the next few hundred years. What a bunch of fucking idiots.


2015-11-16 07:04:36
micheledutcherBefore we colonize the stars, we'll need to terraform our own destroyed planet. If we can't terraform Earth, we'll be the ones colonizing Earth, in a small bubbleworld on the bottom of the ocean. Maybe the Vulcans will show up and save us. Yeah, right. 2015-11-16 11:33:51
WessonI think John’s outpost idea is a much more realistic goal (although simply hearing the word “Outpost” and “Antarctica” make me think of John Carpenter’s The Thing, ha, ha). At the risk of being unpopular, I say we already have the tools needed to occupy other planets. They are the principles of individualism and free market Capitalism. Trouble is we don’t use them because they have been shunned as dirty words. Everyone seems to think that sophisticated space ships are going to magically spring from the kindness in people’s hearts like they do in Star Trek but the truth is they will be developed by hard working individuals who expect to be fairly compensated for their efforts. And before you tell me that money compromises human safety, consider that the socialist USSR’s space program killed 3 test pilots before Yuri Gagarin made it safely into orbit in 1961. It’s only been roughly 150 years since the industrial revolution, just give humanity some time and it can do anything. 2015-11-17 09:02:42
rtWe lost 3 on an Apollo launch, and how many on the Shuttle? Money honey, that's the way, that's the driver. Risk and reward. But first we have to stop killing each other over such bullshit as my god is better than your god. (Substitute political system or economic system or any such ideological clap trap) 2015-11-17 10:02:59
IronspiderOh, I hope not...2015-11-18 23:38:59
r.tornelloIm a bit Confused? You hope not, which statement/sentence? RT2015-11-19 07:45:36
GordonRowlinsonUntil we invent faster than light speed, we are limited to our solar system. Currently every planet in our solar system is distant. It takes 150 to 300 days to travel to Mars. It takes 13 months to travel to the Jupiter system. I know we as science fiction writers have romantic notions about colonizing other planets and moons. However for the near future, such trips would be extremely time consuming and expensive. Therefore I can see setting up only small colonies on planets and moons for science and mining. Given that these small colonies would be distant and isolated, I imagine that the colonies would demand some kind of self governing. I was thinking of writing a story of colonies rebelling against earth, but it seemed a depressing idea. It would be more realistic to see colonies rebelling by going on a general strike and making demands on earth for things like more pay, better food, and more self rule. 2015-11-20 12:57:04
rtWe do have propulsion systems that cant cut the travel time to Mars. they were developed in the late 60's and are still available, maybe. If you think about it STAR WARS speaks to your rebellion. RT 2015-11-20 14:24:41
rtTypo correction: should have been:"can cut the travel time...

Look up previously developed nuclear propulsion drives.It will also give you the approximate time to reach Mars. I knew/met/had breakfast a few times with one of the scientists working on them when I was in college in the late 1960's. I do not remember his name. He noticed I was studying for an astronomy class and plopped himself down at my table. This went on for a while.

I recently looked the systems up again. It's all there. RT RT

2015-11-21 10:00:59
IronspiderSorry RT, I meant I hope we don't ever get to export our short-sighted species into deep space. Having worked in the UK environment sector for over a decade-and-a-half, I've seen enough of how our short-sighted, science-ignoring Government operates. I'd hate to see the same lack of vision being set loose in the galaxy. If we were a better species I'd welcome the chance to step out into the Big Inky. But I really don't think we'd achieve anything other than polluting space - have you seen the amount of junk just orbiting the Earth? Imagine that scaled up...2015-11-22 07:16:52
RTOne of my FLASH stories has space junk as a shield for the planet as unintended consequences. Calling our Congress short sighted is being kind. As I have mentioned it will take a paradigm shift. R2015-11-22 08:29:47
SitrucNope! Why? Because the tree-hugging lawyers will stop humanity from leaving the earth due to pollution that will occur either here or there. Then if we do get off the planet and coloniize; if there is any sentient plants or animals/humanoids upon any of these planets, we (earthlings) will either kill them all-off or start a war.2015-12-09 10:52:18

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