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mark211Which SFF and Horror fiction cliches do you hate most?2015-11-29 01:01:02
mark211There is of course a very fine line between a popular trope that defines a genre and which readers actively seek out and the flip-side of that which is a worn-out cliche. Are there any particular cliches that you find in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror fiction that cause you to blow out your cheeks and puff, roll your eyes, groan etc. etc.?2015-11-29 01:03:18
mark211Here's one that always annoys me - squeaky-voiced 'funny' little gnomes / dwarves. This doubly annoys me because not only is it a bit crappy in itself, but it also shows that the writer is thinking of their story purely in terms of a vehicle to sell a movie and I hate that kind of fiction (pretty much any Michael Crichton novel would fit into that category I think)2015-11-29 01:06:43
r.tornello"Evil aliens" intent on destroying our GOOD civilizations and then saved by something as mundane (or as complex) as a virus. I don't hate those stories but the story behind the story needs to be a bit better.

For example:I think INDEPENDENCE DAY, outside is American/US-centric story line (but then look to who the audience is/was), had a very good back theme to it, the need to have a new world view paradigm in order to meet the challenges we as a planet and people face.

2015-11-30 10:26:08
WessonFunny, I'm the complete opposite of RT, I can't stand sci-fi stories about "evil humans" intent on destroying "good aliens". At least in fantasy the line between good and evil is a moving target, every race from orcs to elves have their positives and negatives. But in sci fi the consensus seems to be that humans are the negative. Even though we've never made contact with another race to make a comparison. 2015-11-30 15:40:10
r.tornelloWesson, but we have local examples were one civilization has come in contact with another and the one with technical superiority usually wins out.

BTW my GOOD was sarcastic, just in case.

We're pretty rough on each other, and if Scientific American is correct, we are here, as opposed to other monkey races, because of our superior warlike ability and specifically, our ability to cooperate, something I don't see on a global scale at this time.

2015-11-30 18:39:48
micheledutcherI don't like to see the brave foolhardy captain as the only guy who makes the right choice. It's like the lead guitar player always being the leader of the band. Every once and a while, I'd like to see the drummer get a solo. It's like Captain Kirk always beaming down to the planet because he's the only one who can make a decision. 2015-12-01 12:19:18
SitrucWhat gets me is when ever there is a danger, the prey (stupid people)always seem to go into the dark and end up being killed. Writers are all the same... have stupid prey do the same thing in every story... nothing is original... Just MHO. 2015-12-03 10:09:13
r.tornelloHey Sitruc, in case you haven't noticed,

There are a whole lot of stupid people out there.


I get your point.

2015-12-03 11:35:36
micheledutcherOften times, if there aren't stupid people there is no story. Don't go in there! - says the woman who spends a great deal of her free time hiking/canoeing through caves that are so far from civilization that her cell phone doesn't work. 2015-12-05 07:04:25

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