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mark211You can have any magical item you like as a gift - what is it? Why do you want it?2015-12-20 09:36:19
mark211For those of you who have spent the last week battling crowds to buy gifts for loved ones and other family members (and no, the latter is not a mistake!), imagine that you could be gifted - via the magic of QM of course - any magical item you wish. What would you want to have and why would you want that particular gift? 2015-12-20 09:39:03
mark211You can have anything you like - it can come from an existing piece of fantasy fiction (e.g. the one ring to rule them all) - or from the depths of your own desires. The only rule is that it must be a thing - e.g. a lamp, of the genie-holding variety - and not an event, an experience, or a superpower (though it can of course be a thing that *confers* a superpower on the owner of the item - yourself in other words).2015-12-20 09:41:41
Ironspider+1 typewriter of story completion. The reason should be fairly obvious...2015-12-20 23:24:39
mark211@Ironspider - Ha ha ha ha ; - ) I wonder if an infinite number of orcs sat at an infinite number of +1 typewriters would eventually produce the collected works of Shakespeare ... or just end up with an infinite pile of broken typewriters ...2015-12-21 01:43:02
micheledutcherI could definitely use a personal robot to rub my tired feet and carry me up hiking trails when I get too tired. It could carry the kayak I use to go back into water caves. When I was at work, it could guard my house. It could feed my cat. And when I was tired of looking at it I could tell it to go away and it wouldn't be mad at me. 2015-12-21 09:01:59
GordonRowlinsonWhat I would really like is a magic wand to wave over my stories so that they they get published. 2015-12-25 02:52:51

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