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mark211What are your predictions for 2016?2016-01-03 13:42:01
mark211What are your predictions for the next 12 months otherwise known as 2016? How will the world change? What are you looking for in terms of books or movies in SFF?2016-01-03 13:43:19
r.tornelloThe planet will continue to orbit around it's star no matter what the crazy monkeys do to each other and the biosphere. Short of a major impact, I'm pretty sure I have that one in the bag. 2016-01-04 08:55:39
micheledutcherOn November 8th someone new will be elected president of my country - the USA. With a two term limit for president, Obama can't be elected - although he could proclaim himself king and use the military to enforce his choice - but I don't think that will happen. No one wants to be president for life in the USA. Really, I wonder if anyone sane wants to be president of the United States at all. 2016-01-04 09:27:39
r.tornelloYou answered your own question Michele. And that should be the first test for a candidate, that he or she has to be dragged to the White House kicking and screaming; where they have to duct tape him to a chair and handcuff him/her to a robot that keeps him where he/she belongs and running off crating a national crisis. 2016-01-04 12:31:57
r.tornellospelling last sentence: ...not creating a...2016-01-04 12:32:53
Ironspider1) Whether you believe in anthropogenic climate change or not, I think the whole planet is going to be experiencing ever more dramatic weather events. It may not amount to 'The Day After Tomorrow' or anything apocalyptic, but I have a gut feeling that 2016 is going to start throwing weather extremes with ever greater frequency. 2) We'll discover that Furby's are actually a sentient alien race planning on a take-over. They've already established a bridgehead... 3) I'll be requiring stronger medication.2016-01-04 13:37:40
GordonRowlinsonI predict that in 2016 our planet will be invaded by an evil alien race of three-headed three-armed cyborg mutants who arrive in spaceships which are unfortunately similar to those in the movie Independence Day. All mankind will be enslaved to serve the cyborgs in mines to remove granite rocks from our world. Just when all seems doomed for the human race and we will have to live forever under a 1984-like authoritarian nightmarish government, the cyborgs will make a fatal mistake and ban all sports on TV. The humans were OK with everything until that. They can't take the cruel and unusual a punishment and they revolt against the inhuman oppression. Throwing off the chains of slavery they rise up behind a leader, Tom Brady. Brady becomes a John Connor-like leader and kills the head cyborg mutant by throwing a granite rock at the head cyborg. Given that all the aliens are a top down culture and don't think for themselves, the alien cyborgs become helpless without the leader. In desperate search for leadership, the aliens turn to watch TV election commercials. Finding no leadership in the commercials, the aliens quickly surrender to angry mobs of carrying clubs and the earth is free again. 2016 will be a little bit different than 2015. 2016-01-04 17:20:35
r.tornelloAll writers, artists,dancers and musicians not authorized by the Extreme Right and left wings of all political parties throughout the planet will be declared seditious, their work confiscated, and destroyed. They will then all be herded up to be used as human test monkeys for the pharmaceutical testing labs.

Except in the dis-United States, where the above types are not considered a threat (as they are everywhere else, or even really considered at all, they will be ignored and told to get real jobs.

2016-01-06 09:08:35
mark211@GordonRowlinson: *Thunderous applause* Bravo, sir, Bravo!2016-01-07 08:15:48
micheledutcherKudos to both Gordon and R. Tornello...both made me laugh. "...they will be ignored and told to get real jobs..." Funny, really. "2016 will be a little bit different than 2015." - Yeah, just a little bit different. 2016-01-08 06:57:30
WessonI will spend a great deal of times playing video games instead of reading / writing this year. I've got Zelda: Twilight Princess HD coming out in March, Persona 5 coming out in the summer, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and I'm even willing to give Final Fantasy XV a shot. 2016-01-09 07:13:13

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