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Out of Nowhere by Patrick LeClerc.
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mark211Where do you do most of your writing?2016-01-31 03:24:41
mark211Slightly different question this week as it's all about you. How and where do you tend to write? Do you write in a notebook with pen and paper first and then write up later or do you write directly onto your computer? What kind of room do you usually write in when you write? A bedroom? A living room? A Starbucks? Do you have a clean desk or is covered with books when you write? Interested to hear your comments.2016-01-31 03:26:51
mark211My desk right now: It's a cheap computer desk I picked up in a charity shop for 10 (about $15 USD); my laptop is on a sliding modulated fibre platform and hooked up to a 23" HD monitor on the main table top. I have a screen cleaning cloth and screen cleaner spray bottle and a large black coffee in a 'Come and take it' mug I bought at the Alamo when I was in Texas on visiting friends about 5 years ago. However, I also like writing out and about so I quite often take my laptop to an excellent pub about 2 miles from my home. It has proper old style dark polished wooden benches, dark maroon walls, high ceilings with tall windows, some broken-looking old men at the bar, and Victorian era plaster mouldings like old-fashioned theatres used to have. If I get there at the right time, I can get installed into a good snug in the corner and bash away for hours (or until sobriety becomes compromised). So just curious - what's your favourite work station like? 2016-01-31 03:34:21
r.tornelloI have a ghost writer from another universe who does my writing. I just copy and paste.2016-01-31 17:49:04
mark211@r.tornello - Somehow I think I had always suspected that that was the case ...2016-02-01 04:34:02
IronspiderI have a tendency to carry one or more notebooks about with me - depends if I'm actually working on something. One notebook is just for very basic scribbles, the others are workbooks for specific writing projects. I'm currently carrying two - one for a modern fantasy setting called 'Elsewhere', another for a science fiction concept with the working title 'Rubicon'. If they'll progress beyond the note stage depends on whether the concepts develop to a point where they engage me - thus far I've written the introductory chapters for both. I tend to write wherever and whenever the urge strikes, be that indoors at my computer or, more likely, when I'm not in a position to sit and type - hence the notebooks.2016-02-01 04:42:26
mark211@Ironspider. That's really interesting how the 'old' technologies are still in use. I usually have some kind of notepad with me as well, and I've a number of small note and sketch books for both writing and making little drawings in (not very often, but occasionally I do that). I only mention that because I feel I'm told ad nauseum that the youth of today are living these smartphone and electronic lives and that 'dead tree' press is dead. That might be true of their social lives and of newspapers as well, but everywhere I look I seem to see kids in their teens and twenties all with coloured pens, record cards, notepads etc. the same as I had back when I was a student. Anyway, your stories sound interesting so hopefully we'll see some of them on QM in the near future.2016-02-01 05:31:12
micheledutcherI do most of my writing on greyhound buses. What else is there to do?- not talk to people, that's for sure. But there was this one guy who talked to me for 20 minutes. "Ya know what I like?" he started. "I like pork. I like bacon, especially Canadian bacon, you know the kind that's almost like ham. And HAM oh my, I love country ham and city ham and ham with beans..." Come to remember, I used his spiel in The Wedding at Hemlock Hills. Funny. Looking out the window on America flying past can also bring ideas to the forefront of my brain. I like to write on 1st grade writing tablets - the ones with the blue lines and the red dotted lines in the middle. It's all somehow comforting. 2016-02-01 08:07:46
mark211@Michele. Do you have one of those inflatable neck pillows as well? 2016-02-01 14:30:25
H Curtis DIn my easy chair with a laptop surrounded on all sides by ref books. Also like writing in the dead of night when I am not bothered by day time reality. I write as a form of stress release with several unpublished books and or stories exceeding 800 pages. My latest is over 400,000 words so far. Cheers.2016-03-13 23:09:34

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