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mark211Favourite superheroes?2016-02-21 03:02:03
mark211When most people think of Science Fiction and Fantasy stories, I would say that they don't often think of including superheroes in that genre - which is kind of odd if you think about it. Superman if nothing else could certainly classify as Science Fiction; and while the effects of the spider bite on Peter Parker are pure fantasy - albeit with a dash of sciencey sounding words - his story probably owes quite a bit to the sci-fi short stories of pulp magazines such as 'Amazing'. The same is likely true of Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark who, respectively as Batman and Iron man, use their huge financial and technical resources to become 'science heroes'. And then of course, there was "Watchmen" by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons which was absolutely science fiction, even if it did come in graphic novel form and included grown adults in capes and their best underwear on the outside.2016-02-21 03:10:22
mark211So, who are your favourite superheroes and why? Or do you not have any favourite superheroes and think the whole concept a bit ridiculous? If so why's that? Do let us know your thoughts below ...2016-02-21 03:11:26
RTWalter Mitty 2016-02-21 09:57:29
GordonRowlinsonI used to like Spiderman and Dr Solar man of the atom. Dr. Solar had some great Sci Fi themes. BTW shouldn't Spiderman get arrested for littering? He travels around by swinging on his webs. But he leaves them hanging off buildings. Who cleans up after him? Something that bugged me about Batman when I was a kid was that noone followed his car to find out where the Bat cave was. Even if he drives so fast that you can't keep up, wouldn't people notice that the Bat mobile is seen a lot on uncertain roads? Thus the Bat cave is nearby. Another thing that bothers me is the way Superman and Wonder woman use glasses as a disguise. How can people not recognize them? I think if I walked around without my glasses on, people would still recognize me.2016-02-21 17:24:12
r.tornelloGordon: See Kill Bill 2. The whole movie, or a lot of it revolves around the last scene and the discussion, or monologue regarding superheros. It's rather an interesting point. 2016-02-21 21:24:41
WessonThe Superhero genre has always rubbed me the wrong way; I donít like the implication that regular people canít take care of themselves and therefore need a hero to save them. Itís really counterproductive if you ask me, the more a superhero saves his or her city, the more dependent that city becomes on them. In a way, superheroes kill with kindness.2016-02-22 08:04:27
John David RoseTough to choose. I was a Marvel fan in my teenage years, and have drifted to DC and back again several times since. I guess I like 'em all. Watchmen does stand out though as an early deconstruction of the genre. As much as I like superheroes though, I find it hard to write them. So many of their stories are all about the character's origin, or the origin of the villain, or the next villain, etc.... I think that's why the big comic book companies are stuck in cycles of constantly rebooting their characters, so that they can retell the origin over and over, ad nauseum. Maybe they should let the characters grow and mature with time. But then again, who wants to see Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, or Spider-Man grow old and die? I want stories from their prime. That's the dichotomy of the genre I guess, how do you make the characters interesting by letting them grow and change, but always keep them exactly the same for the fans that love them. I think Umberto Eco (RIP) wrote an essay about the endless cycles of Superman a ways back. 2016-02-22 22:20:11
John David RoseBTW, I just saw the Deadpool movie this last weekend. I thought it was good. Self-referential with lots of tongue in cheek jabs at the rest of the genre, plus some big boy material (i.e. sex and violence), but then again, that's Deadpool to a tee. I think the movie did the character justice and kept me entertained.2016-02-22 22:28:58
IronspiderUsed to enjoy some of the superhero genre, but have suffered from burnout over the past couple of years. If I had to choose one, it'd be Marshal Law. Just love the irony.2016-02-23 04:50:43
r.tornelloSuper heroes, saviors, godspast and present, and all the rest, do they assuage peoples need for a protector?, Do they provide for salvation from the reality of life? Are they a psychic Aegis for the modern human, borne into a world that is not unlike our human history of violence?

The only difference between then (previous to 1945 and now is in the degree and possible totality, the total finality of the destruction. So do these super heroes offer a sop to the masses? And now, to those who are tied to their screens and AI environments, offer an even greater escape from the reality of reality of the human monkey's destructive proclivities?

I wonder. maybe we need to look to what is beyond what we consider human as we understand it. Peace has been bandied about for centuries. Have we ever really seen it? Do I need to answer?

It's time for a paradigm shift folks. Screw propagated saviors, we ourselves can be our own saviors. RT

2016-02-23 17:55:46

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