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mark211Going beyond pale: is any topic off-limits in SFF?2016-03-27 01:25:44
mark211For anyone not yet familiar with it, Michael Moorcock's 1969 science fiction novella 'Behold the Man' tells the story of a time traveller, Karl Glogauer, who takes off from 1970 and hurtles back through time and space to the Roman province of Judea in 28 AD with the express purpose of tracking down and meeting the living and breathing Jesus Christ. When he arrives, however, he discovers to his dismay that the 'real' Jesus of Nazareth is very far different from the one Glogauer had imagined him to be (I won't say how in case you decide to read it). Convinced of the need to ensure the survival of Christianity for the future generations of his own time, Glogauer steps into the role of the Messiah as described in the Gospels. In short, Glogauer *is* the Jesus of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and due to the paradoxical nature of time travel, always was and will be so. 2016-03-27 01:51:44
mark211As good as Moorcock's novel is (and an earlier version of the story even won a Nebula Award in 1967), its plot is nevertheless clearly quite controversial even in the secular and Western societies of Europe, North America and the Antipodes. While - thankfully! - very few novels are unlucky enough to provoke the kind of reaction that Salman Rushdie's 'The Satanic Verses' did (and still does), are there any topics, themes or subjects that you would personally consider to be going beyond the pale or off-limits?2016-03-27 02:04:39
mark211I'm not talking about censoring other people's work or issues surrounding freedom of expression, but just simply whether or not there are any topics that you know you would prefer to avoid reading or writing about. And please note, religion here is just an example - the same could apply to horror, sex, violence or any other sensitive issues you feel might be going beyond the pale for you, either as a reader or as a writer. Let us know your thoughts below.2016-03-27 02:06:09
RTI never heard of the story so Now I have to purchase it and if it's on tape or disc get a copy for the long flight back to the home cluster.

When I write I become each character. I think, see and speak throughout that character. I play that roll male, female, cyborg or animal. It does get tough during a discussion/argument/data-dump. And, I'm pretty exhausted when I'm done with that writing session.

With that as an introduction, I do not believe in taboos for writing for anyone else, least they have their own and it's their own business. But for me there are certain subjects that I would not want to play the roll as I write. They are too off-putting and just too nasty.

Sally Fields as I hear tell, needed a time off to recuperate from her roll as Sybil.Some actors say they can leave the character at the stage door. Once it's played out in my head it's stuck there.


2016-03-28 09:54:26
WessonIím curious to hear peopleís thoughts on this one. For better or worse I donít think the SFF community is as accepting as it appears to be. 2016-03-29 11:51:51
micheledutcherBeing the assistant editor of a sci-fi webzine, I get to read a larger variety of kinds of stories than most people. I do read some stories where there is sexual taboos thrown into the mix just to 'spice things up' - with no relevance to the plot. I don't like evocative sex for sex sake; or unrelenting violence just to see how far the envelope can be pushed. However, if those components are part and parcel of the plot, I'll read through it quickly, to get to the punchline. I suppose I'm like a judge behind the bench, "Mr. Mason please, where are you going with this line of questioning? Please get to the point." And if a author has a relevant point, I'm usually good with it. Some of my cyberfriends may remember a story in another webzine contest that was blatantly anti-woman and very violent - for absolutely no reason whatsoever. That kind of stupidity doesn't play well with me. 2016-03-29 13:14:36
God of war retardedMr. Wesson, It's the political correctness virus that has infected this planet.

That not withstanding, Ms Ducther's comments make a sense and are on the mark.

Political correctness has made people afraid to discuss anything except philosophical dimensions of The Cat in The Hat. Add to that some of the laws regarding insulting this and that religion,king or god or some such nonsense in other countries and you have a real damper on expression.

Write what you want. If I don't like it I won't read it.

2016-03-29 16:54:20
WessonPreaching to the choir God of War. Leaning on what Michele said, one man's political incorrectness is another man's stupidity in some situations. I think a big challenge in artistic expression is where and why you draw the line between politically incorrect and stupid. 2016-03-31 08:11:54
God of War retardedWesson, if you're the choir, where is my burnt offering? Yummers I'm hungry.

There is a lot of stupid out there. I get updates from many galleries and I can't believe that they can sell some their FINE ART straight faced.

2016-03-31 10:26:34

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