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mark211Favourite non-SFF reads?2016-04-03 07:48:04
mark211Firstly, just a quick thank you to everyone who reads and contributes to these weekly discussions. I assure you I do read everything, even if I don't always respond. So with that quick thank you ...2016-04-03 07:49:27
mark211While this is a site devoted to Science Fiction, Fantasy (along with Horror and any other sub-genres of those two main ones), what other kinds of fiction do you enjoy reading and why?2016-04-03 07:51:34
mark211I suppose there are many authors I could mention, but I'll keep it to just three here that have really impressed me a great deal: Milan Kundera, especially 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being'; V.S. Naipaul - pretty much everything he's ever written, including his non-fiction travel works, but to narrow it down I'm going to mention his 'In a Free State'; and finally (for now), Ben Okri and his superlative novel, 'The Famished Road'. Actually, that last one is arguably a fantasy novel as it weaves a great deal of Nigerian folklore and myth into a novel of Nigerian politics and poverty ... but it manages without quite going over into Magical Realism. 2016-04-03 07:56:26
mark211With all three of those writers, I think what really stuns me is the endlessly inventive ways they tell their stories while retaining a really clean, crisp prose - they never let the style overpower the story (quite the opposite). Anyway, so those are just three examples that spring to mind - what about you guys?2016-04-03 07:58:29
RTCatch-22 above all and beyond. Like the Mirror Shades writers, Heller seemed to see into the future and here it is with various versions Milo Minderbinder and M&M Enterprises logic and all.(see our current election choices past and most current, the logic behind SCOTUS decisiions and TV/mass marketing in general).

OH, I forgot our wonderful Congress and their infinite wisdom and legal proclamations. I don't know if it's a book of fiction I'm living in and acting a bit part or this is horribly real. Which brings me to number 2 in my choices, Mark Twain.

2016-04-04 10:08:06
robwhaynes86David Baldacci's "Camel Club" series. I found them all well written with wonderful characters. James Rollins sigma series is generally based in science and technological fact but expands beyond, but not too far. Douglas Preston's and Lincoln Child's Pendergast series sometimes ventures far into the realm of science fiction yet other times does not and focuses on superb criminal minds. Dan Browns historical fictions in my opinion were amazingly well done. I also enjoyed Raymond Khoury's historical fiction's, "The Last Templar" & "The Templar Salvation". Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes mysteries are possibly the arguably the greatest crime fictions ever written. Clive Cussler has written many books that I wouldn't consider to be fantasy or scifi as well. I'm not sure if these fit the bill for this discussion but I don't count these books in the fantasy of strictly science fiction genre. I really enjoy the crime fiction and history fiction that these authors brought to life for me.2016-04-04 18:14:40
God of War RetardedThe greatest fiction ever produced and is done so on a continuous bases is the proclamations coming from the US Congress and the Media attached to, and mouth pieces for, related political and religious partys throughout the planet.

This is also true of most any media outlet controlled by a few elites.

Of course you all understand this is nothing new in the history of your world, but you did ask.

2016-04-05 08:52:11
mark211"Dan Browns historical fictions in my opinion were amazingly well done." Dan Brown? The Da Vinci Code guy? I'm all ears now!2016-04-05 11:58:11
robwhaynes86Dan Brown's missed the apostrophe, sorry. "The Da Vinci Code" "Demons and Angels" "Lost Symbol" "Inferno" All were well worth reading and in my opinion historical fictions. These all involved the Brown's character Robert Langdon.2016-04-05 17:18:14
RTfor the most part I like real science, history and the like. When it comes to "fiction" I prefer plays and musicals and philosophy.2016-04-06 06:28:28
mark211@robwhaynes86 [1/2] "The Da Vinci Code"? I am genuinely surprised by that - and please note this is not about some kind of misguided sense of literary snobbery. As I've said here many, many times before Jack Vance is quite possibly my favourite writer ever; I am also enthralled by Frank Herbert, Michael Moorcock, Robin Hobb, Poul Anderson, L. Sprague de Camp and many more and I am also a huge, huge fan of comic books - Grant Morrison's 'The Filth' and 'The Invisibles'; Alan Moore's 'Swamp Thing', 'Watchmen', 'Halo Jones' and others. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is - I am not reacting like that to Dan Brown on any kind of 'Ooh, he's too populist for my snobby tastes', but simply because ... I'm sorry, but I just thought 'The Da Vinci Code' was really, realy crap.2016-04-06 12:04:32
mark211@robwhaynes86 [2/2] OK, so why crap? What irked me about 'The Da Vinci Code' is that it felt to me like someone had taken a bunch of Wikipedia entries and then stitched them together with a really flimsy plot comprised of the kind of cardboard characters beloved of Hollywood adaptations/versioning scouts who don't want too much detail as that might restrict the pool of talent the part in the movie could be offered to ... It kind of read to me like a crossword puzzle with all the answers written out for you ... sorry to go on, but I genuinely thought it was awful so I am fascinated to find out what it was I might have overlooked - I assure I am quite persuadable even if right now I don't exactly sound like that right now.2016-04-06 12:09:43
robwhaynes86@mark211 For me, I started out on what I think of as the classics. Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, Homer, Daniel Defoe, Voltaire, Mary Shelly, Bram Stoker, Shakespeare, H. Rider Haggard, Alexandre Dumas, and so on. I agree that Herbert's "Dune" was brilliant. Tolkien is a master in my opinion as well. James Rollins, in my opinion, is a modern day genius. I don't believe that Dan Brown is on this level but my literary taste run in the sci-fi/fantasy/adventure area. I did enjoy the Dan Brown's works simply because it interested me from the history of symbols stand point and the straight forward history stand point. It was intelligently done (also in my opinion) but without question not one of the great works. STILL with that said it was worth reading in my opinion. It lead me to think and to do research to figure out how much was actually tied to real history and how much was crap, any literary work that causes me to think or inspires wonder passes my test as being worth its weight. Dan Brown's work expanded my thoughts on how the meanings of symbols change over time and made me wonder about how much the Catholic church might be hiding. I hated Moby Dick with every fiber of my being and every English professor I ever met thought it was heaven sent so I know that opinions vary by the person and I definitely do not like everything I read. My only persuasion to you would be to read what you love, that's what I do and I hope what every reader does. 2016-04-06 20:14:58

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