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mark211Could you be a deep space traveller?2016-04-11 08:11:22
mark211I've just returned from a week spent in the British port city of Bristol where, amongst other things, I had an opportunity to go on board a replica of "The Matthew": this was the sailing ship used by John Cabot in 1497 to discover a more Northerly route than the one used by Columbus to reach Asia, but which instead resulted in the (European) discovery of modern day Newfoundland. There were 18 crew with Cabot and the journey took just over 4 weeks.2016-04-11 08:16:07
mark211What amazed me about the ship was how incredibly small it was. I've heard the evocative maritime phrase "the wooden world" before, but it's really something to see it and pace up and down the length of it in only about 25 paces! So looking into the future, can you imagine being locked aboard an exploratory starship bound for the depths of space? Would the excitement of being deep in space be enough to overcome the inevitable tedium of the daily routine and the stress involved in being cramped together with a crew you can't escape from, breathing each other's breath over and over whether you like it or not, finding their quirks ever more unbearable etc.?2016-04-11 08:21:09
God Of WARShort of suspended life functions, a Non-local express to where-ever Land or maybe Mars, you'll all be dead, and most probably insane. Either way it's for the next evolutionary being, the melding of flesh and cyber technology to merge that might make it possible.

It also might be a good place to house the real criminals sort of like the Superman Krypton version of the Phantom Zone.

2016-04-11 12:47:07
mark211"Short of suspended life functions ..." Ah, well on that score an interesting if far-fetched possibility I've heard is to upload a person's mind into a storage programme for the journey alongside cloning facilities on board. The idea is that once the destination has been reached, the minds are then downloaded into the (presumably correct!) bodies cloned at the destination point after which the travellers may then step out into the Brave New World. Naturally, that very same Brave New World must first be identified by machine-only exploratory devices and even then, given the decades or even centuries it would take to reach the New Eden on the far side of the cosmos any number of things could have happened to the new destination during the journey time.2016-04-12 00:00:52
mark211" ... you'll all be dead, and most probably insane." To be fair, I have no doubt this was pretty much the feeling many back on the border of the 15th and 16th centuries thought about Columbus, Cabot, de Gama and so on ... although of course the analogy doesn't quite fit as the Silk Road had been threading spices, ideas and technologies like ceramics up and down the Eurasian land mass for centuries before they attempted the Atlantic passage. True enough, they hadn't expected to find a whacking great continent blocking their path to the far East but had America not been there then in principle they would have been right (though it's doubtful they'd have lived to complete the journey in the absence of any land mass en route).2016-04-12 00:05:21
GOWThey were still on earth. Got to go to a meeting will get back to you re upload of brains and such.

Transit times are many life times here short of non-local tachyon speeds.

2016-04-12 05:58:38
micheledutcherHow about uploading a brain inside of whatever creature is already there? I wrote a story about beings from another world who would go into the graveyards and revive creatures when they landed Earth, uploading their memories into these resuscitated minds. The creatures already on the planet are already adapted to the surface conditions - just add a life force. And you would be more accepted by the surface population. Yes, jump-starting the dead with an alien mind might one way to be a deep space traveler. 2016-04-14 13:05:12

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