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tgoyetteWhat do you make of remakes?2012-08-27 04:53:16
tgoyetteSome sci-fi/fantasy/horror movie remakes are great, most are mediocre and some are wretched. So here is a forum to discuss them all. I'll start with the one I think has been remade the most, I am Legend. It has been made under 3 titles and worked well in all: 1. The Last Man on Earth - staring Vincent Price, 2. The Omega Man staring Charlton Heston, and 3. I am Legend Staring Will Smith. I didn't watch the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still because word on the street indicated it was lame. What do you make of remakes?2012-08-27 04:59:24
micheledutcherI recently saw the Total Recall remake and thought it was pretty good, really. The set looked like an expanded Bladerunner set - rainy and dirty with lots of neon lights. And it wasn't word for word - unlike the recent Planet of the Apes remake! Why do a remake that is word-for-word? To get $$$ from the next generation? If I had to choose, I'd rather have the original, Schwartenzeger Total Recall, because the story was better honestly, but both were good, high-style sci-fi. 2012-08-27 05:35:29
sfbellI do not care for remakes in general. There is too much of it these days. It indicates to me that the film industry is cynically more concerned about pumping out a retread of something in order to milk it for more cash, rather than engage new talent in writing the next fantastic tale. As was noted earlier, a word for word remake? C'mon! Yeah, I understand the urge to remake something because new techniques and technologies are available, but that does not mean a remake MUST be made. Also, if you are going to redo something you better make it better than the original, otherwise you are just begging for scorn.2012-08-27 07:08:20
GordonRowlinsonHollywood loves sequels and remakes as it offers audiences something familar and thus represents a safer investment. The I am Legend was much better than the first two. The Day the Earth Stood Still was so so but watchable. I hated the new Planet of the Apes. 2012-08-27 17:25:14
cloudstrifeI'm always on the lookout for a good remake. Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but the remakes rarely measure up to the originals. I'm hoping one day there'll be a tv remake of the Buck Rogers series, but if they do, whoever plays the part of Wilma Deering will pale in comparison to Erin Gray. Let's face it, she's hot!2012-08-28 13:04:17
IronspiderOn the whole I'd say remakes were generally a poor shadow of the original, especially when the producers use the 'it's a re-imagining' line - I'd cite Rollerball as a prime example. However, what about films taken from novels? What if the 'remake' actually adheres more closely to the source material? Blade Runner is still my favourite piece of sci-fi on film, but I doubt anyone would disagree that it doesn't follow PKD's book too closely. Does that mean a direct film version of DADoES would be better? Well I guess that would be down to how it was made, but then would comparing it and Blade Runner actually be sensible? Except where they're obvious attempts to just wrest more cash from the film-going public I'm not all that bothered by remakes. After all, isn't Dark Knight just a re-imagining of Tim Burton's Batman, which was a re-imagining of the Adam West/Burt Ward Batman film?2012-08-28 23:39:09
SitrucIn my opinion even though the movie is a re-make it is Plagarism; since screen writers can not come up with an totally original new idea that has not been used before even if it (new idea) bit them on their collective butt.2015-12-09 10:39:47

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