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mark211Exercises to develop the imagination?2016-05-15 05:43:17
mark211Alejandro Jodorowsky is a Chilean born polymath who has directed surrealist movies, written novels and, especially, has produced some of the most dazzling works of Fantasy and Science Fiction - probably his best known work in this field is his collaboration with the late artist Jean "Moebius" Giraud which resulted in The Incal (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Incal) 2016-05-15 05:46:58
mark211During a recent interview in the LA Review of Books, Jodorowsky says: "I preferred to go by the way of imagination, to develop my creativity. I did exercises to develop my imagination [...] for instance, to make something grow. I take your beard there and make it grow. I make it grow to fill your room, and then the whole planet. Something like that. I can make something big, big, big like King Kong! And then I can make something little, little, little, little, little like the man who fights against a spider in a film." (The complete interview can be read here https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/the-most-beautiful-illusion/) 2016-05-15 05:49:13
mark211So, I thought this was great - what other exercises do you know that writers can use to develop their imagination? Have you tried any? What were your experiences of these? Be sure to let us know. 2016-05-15 05:50:17
GordonRowlinsonI find the more I write, the more ideas I get. The act of writing a story appears to stimulate my imagination for other story ideas. I tend to write two or more stories at the same time. 2016-05-16 18:29:33
IronspiderThough I can't say it's an original idea - it was mentioned on a one-day writing course I attended - take a current news story and expand upon it in the direction of your favoured writing genre. Obviously it won't always work with the story you initially choose, but even a failure might suggest something else. For example, from the MSN news: "Thieves snatch tens of thousands of pounds in winning bets from 160k McLaren supercar". Adopt a modern fantasy slant - rather than the money being winnings, it's the money extorted by an ogre who works for a wizard. Due to a glamour the ogre looks human, if a tad tall and built like a bodybuilder. Then we can start to embroider the plot - who stole the money? Did they know it 'belongs' to a wizard (or a necromancer). Is this a rival attempting to muscle-in on the wizard's territory? Or perhaps it's an opportunist theft, say a homeless person who saw an open window and a shiny leather case. If so, why is the person homeless? Is it another metahuman unable to live within modern society? Etc... OK, not original, but hopefully it shows the way my mind works!2016-05-17 05:34:59
andreyravgood site for writers http://writingby1click.com/ 2016-05-18 06:14:32

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