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mark211How do you like your prose: 'Protestant', 'Catholic' or eclectic?2016-06-19 00:03:17
mark211Don't worry! Although I do post every new discussion topic on a Sunday (with occasional tardy exceptions), I haven't gone all 'Songs of Praise' on everyone with reference to 'Protestant' and 'Catholic' here - so allow me to explain: in last week's discussion on landscape description, QM's very own Michele noted that: "As in any form of writing, too much description can be a distracting part of a story."2016-06-19 00:05:27
mark211And this got me to thinking about prose styles more generally - by 'Protestant' I mean 'no frills'. Essentially, this is where adjectives are minimal and the story is pushed forward by descriptions of action primarily, with some necessary details for background. And by 'Catholic' - which I suppose more properly speaking I should have described as 'Baroque' - a much more richly ornamented prose style full of plays on words and allusions to myth and etc. And by eclectic, I simply mean picking the right tools for the job in hand i.e. sometimes you tell a story in a 'Protestant' manner; other times in a more 'Catholic' one.2016-06-19 00:09:52
mark211So ... how do you feel about your own prose style? Is it something you have given much thought to? Do you definitely have a preference in one direction or another (i.e. more spartan, plain and 'Protestant' or more elaborate, intricate and 'Catholic')? Let us know below ...2016-06-19 00:10:58
micheledutcherThere are times when I like to write in the style of Lovecraft. I read a few pages of his work an my mind trips over into that dense prose he wrote in.2016-06-19 15:27:55
IronspiderI find it's a question of context - some settings or stories require a much richer prose, lots of description of surroundings and character sensations; others require a sparse style, leaving more to the imagination of the reader. Trouble is, in both cases a lot depends on the writer. I've mentioned under other discussions about being unable to read a few stories because of a surfeit of prose. Equally there have been times when a 'sparse' story ultimately reveals itself to be just laziness on the part of the writer!2016-06-19 23:28:44

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