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mark211The future of dating and relationships?2016-07-16 23:47:34
mark211Quantum Muse Editor in Chief Timothy O. Goyette recently sent me an intriguing email forward that included a link to the following website: "TrekDating.com - a niche online dating website for Trekkies looking to find love online." And quite by coincidence, I have just recently seen an article posted in 'MIT Technology Review' which reported on some research into male and female strategies and behaviour on Tinder from Queen Mary University of London (https://www.technologyreview.com/s/601909/how-tinder-feedback-loop-forces-men-and-women-into-extreme-strategies/) 2016-07-16 23:52:05
mark211And this got me to thinking about the the representation of dating and relationships in Science Fiction - for instance, the very free and open relations between men and women described in Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World' in which the citizens of Fordian London are actively encouraged to date multiple partners. That kind of sexual liberation seems to have been quite popular as a kind of wish fulfilment fantasy in a number of other Science Fiction tales as well (think Jenny Agutter or Sandra Bullock in the movies 'Logan's Run' or 'Demolition Man' respectively for example). 2016-07-16 23:55:47
mark211There are also of course the possibilities of genetic engineering, cloning and/or artificial wombs all of which present the intriguing future possibilities of whether or not male-female relationships will be needed at all in the future. So ... what do we think? What impact is technology having on how people relate to one another romantically? What possibilities do you see for Science Fiction based on these possibilities? Please share your ideas below.2016-07-16 23:58:16
r.tornelloBeing older, over 60, married for a long time, and not up to the "rules of engagement", I have a difficult time with this question.

My earlier hippy and slightly post hippy days , it was: "let's screw and see what develops from that", or "have a few more drinks and I'll look a whole lot better". I haven't been in the meat market for a very long time. I believe I'll leave this one to the younger members.

2016-07-18 10:19:03
WessonI’ve always had an odd theory about this rattling around in my head. I’ve seen a great deal of what I would call male guilt here in the U.S. Some people are of the opinion that sex and violence in TV, movies, video games etc is a negative influence that needs to be controlled. The Feminist community is a big chunk of this (more so than the conservative right in my opinion). So that got me thinking, maybe the future will look more like the past – a Victorian past. But instead of men imposing social constraints on women, it will be women who define what is and what isn’t proper behavior for men. Maybe we're seeing a little bit of that now, how many people will frown at a swimsuit model in a magazine but ignore a half-naked man on the cover of a romance novel? In the U.S., there’s a really annoying commercial for something called “Man Therapy” for men who need help “controlling their anger”. I can’t help but wonder how people would react if someone came out with “Woman Therapy” for women who need help “controlling their emotions.” Don’t get me wrong, I have no evidence that a quasi-Victorian future like this is on the horizon, it’s just something I’ve thought about as a wild “What if?” 2016-07-19 10:00:05

I never frown over a swimsuit cover. 1st thing I wonder is air brush? Then I enjoy the view. As an art student some time ago, and brought up in a house with and artist for a parent, nude bodies were a common sight on canvas, photos, the studio and drawings and book. It was no big deal.

The live on on my lap? That's another story.

re. your comments of reestablishing a norm of behavior. Maybe it's a social dialectic and a new normal may arise that gives acknowledgement to the reality behind attraction. And at the same admit an acknowledgement that there has been too much violence propagated and committed against women politically and through literature to name two points of reference. The effect of these points are as we witness, is that the negative aspects mentioned rubs off on a society as a whole.

Beauty is beauty, male and female. It's recognized as so in all cultures and throughout time. Legal and social equality is nothing to be afraid of. RT

2016-07-19 14:54:29

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