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mark211SFF and the Movies - who influences who more?2016-10-16 02:21:51
mark211Pretty straightforward this week really: Do you think SFF writing has had more influence on the movies - and if so, what kind of an influence? Or do you think movies are having more of an influence on SFF writing these days? Or, of course, is it a bit of both? And how? And where do comic books/graphic novels fit into all of this (if at all)?2016-10-16 02:24:36
mark211This came about because I decided to watch 'Warcraft' last night. Now obviously, that was based on a MMORPG but the influence of Manga was what struck me even more than the obvious influence of computer games. And then of course Michael Crichton's Westworld is getting a makeover on HBO and speaking of HBO there's ASOIF - the series of novels Martin wrote on the assumption that he would never find the funding to make into a TV or movie ... only for it to be made into one of the most popular hits from HBO since 'The Wire' I'm guessing.2016-10-16 02:27:34
RTI think therefore I'm a Replicant.

SCIENCE in and of itself, is the driving variable or constant, if you would.

2016-10-16 13:21:34
micheledutcherI have seen a lot of RPG text leaking it's way into science fiction stories recently. As far as movies, it is influencing the action excitement factor in movies. It's no longer okay to just have a great idea - it has to be filled with the main character being chased and jumping from moving vehicles and the such. I couldn't believe it when the last Star Trek movie was just a shaky-action flick - the Fast and Furious guy directed it. I'd much rather have a great plot than all the text about what building the main character is jumping from.2016-10-17 10:20:55
RTRPG Rocket Propelled Grenade?2016-10-17 12:13:12
Wesson (Parabellum Press)@ RT, RPG = Role Playing Game. At least that's what I'm assuming, Michele may be referring to something else. 2016-10-17 21:15:36
IronspiderI reckon a lot of film directors could do with encountering an RPG... I guess I'm just bored of retreads, whether film or television (or television film). Advances in science, or just a broad concept can easily push both book and film to explore new (and sometimes) interesting areas - for example Gattaca or The Abyss - whether you like them or not, both were driven by fairly broad scientific concepts. I think that books have an easier time of it - writers aren't constrained to bring an entire story to a head in two-and-a-half to three hours, and there is no necessity for a slam-bang action ending; they can take the time to examine their background science in whatever detail they require. I guess with the rise of trilogies, both in book and film, that neither medium has to play by established rules, but I've noticed that even screenplays penned by seasoned authors tend to adhere to the standard film formula. I would assume television writers don't feel so constrained, so there may well be more two-way traffic between television and books - each episode equating to a chapter, rather than an entire story. As an example, that was how Dr Who was originally broadcast - each series was a story arc, which told the full story in four or more episodes. The new version, aimed at the instant gratification generation, tells a truncated story in one programme. I'm not saying that one format is superior to the other, just that we don't have to wrap everything neatly as soon as we can. Be it a book or a television show (and I'm watching far less as I get older) or a film, unless the plot demands it, there's no need to sprint all the way from start to finish. As a final example, I recently watched the film Hardcore Henry (not any easy watch by any means), outwardly just a very violent action film, but the core scientific concept (very much in Blade Runner mode) was actually quite intriguing and made for a satisfying ending.2016-10-17 23:49:38
rtHad no idea. Role playing games. I rather do it as opposed to sitting behind a computer. I've read that the games increase eye to brain reaction times, good for that, but I like the real feel of what I do. So that limits me to a few things and rules out planetary takeover, I guess. 2016-10-18 05:10:05

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