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mark211"There and Back Again" - most intriguing, captivating or exciting modes of transport in SFF?2016-10-29 23:04:00
mark211"There and Back Again" is the subtitle of Tolkien's "The Hobbit" of course, but despite the wonders that Baggins encounters in that journey, the forms of transport he uses are mostly unremarkable - he walks, he rides on ponies and so on. 2016-10-29 23:05:47
mark211But SFF is filled with descriptions of astonishing and wondrous vehicles and other forms of transport - from the Transporters in Star Trek to magical winged horses in legends such as the pegasus; from riding on the backs of dragons to being swept along inside the starship Leonora Christine and the TARDIS of Dr Who - what are some of the best and/or most fascinating ways of getting around in SFF?2016-10-29 23:09:50
IronspiderHow about your own motive power through the vacuum of space? I'd suggest that the body modifications to the character of Isol, in Justina Robson's Natural History, would make for an interesting, if slow, mode of transport. But I would suppose that such extreme modifications would bring about a different sense of self, and a very different view of time and space.2016-11-01 05:36:54
RTBeing one with the universe in a larger dimensional mode as in LUCY. No need for travel. No matter where you are, You're there!2016-11-01 08:26:48
GordonRowlinsonStephen King had an imaginative idea in the short story The Jaunt. In the future, a way to Jaunt or transport oneself across distances was discovered. It is like the Star Trek transporter except for greater distances. The catch is you have to be unconscious to travel via the Jaunt or you will be insane when you come out the other side. When you are in the middle of the Jaunt, you are in a place where time does not exist, thus in that millisecond it seems like eternity. Of course someone tries to go through without being unconscious.2016-11-01 10:29:34
2nd DragoonFlying carpets and broomsticks2016-12-24 14:25:57

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