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mark211Reading recommendations?2016-11-06 03:16:35
mark211Fairly straightforward, really - do you have anything that you would recommend as a good SFF read and why? For example, a really great SFF book I've read was Harry Turtledove's 'A Different Flesh' which was recommended to me by another QM Contributor here on the Discussion's Board some time ago (apologies, I don't recall who it was now). It's a fascinating alternative history in which Australopithecus continues to exist in the Americas - and it explores the moral, political and economic implications of that. It's really well worth reading.2016-11-06 03:23:05
RT"The Honest Donald Trump and his Understanding of Science, Geopolitics and His Real Concern for the American People"By THE VANITY PRESS a subsidiary of Fox News. Or you can read my story KOOKBANELLI which is about the same subject but a few years older. An older version of this fiction is Titled the Rise of the German Social Democratic Party and Donald Trump.2016-11-06 17:53:03
IronspiderTo be honest I could recommend dozens of books, but I'll restrict myself to these three: The Centauri Device by M John Harrison The Earthsea Trilogy (though it's now a quartet) by Ursula Le Guin Use of Weapons by Iain M Banks2016-11-08 23:45:01
John David RoseThese days I'm thinking of getting a head start on rereading some classics: 1984 by George Orwell. The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. Then maybe The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress by Heinlein.2016-11-11 19:23:10

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