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mark211Predictions for the next 4 years?2016-11-13 06:47:09
mark211Thanks to Rick Tornello, Ironspider and John David Rose for last week's reading recommendations. Now, to business ...2016-11-13 06:47:55
mark211... while I'm sure there are some of you who will no doubt be heartily sick of discussion of the subject and perhaps would like to think about something, anything else, I felt I had to at least offer the opportunity to anyone who is still interested to discuss the recent US election results.2016-11-13 06:49:10
mark211Now, obviously this is a SFF site, not a political blog, so specifically I would like to discuss not what has happened so much as what you think will happen, or could happen over the next 4 years - there is no doubt in my mind that the result of this election will have wide-reaching implications for culture and society and that, of course, will include writers of SFF.2016-11-13 06:50:37
mark211For instance, I fully expect a slew of novels featuring some dark overlord claiming a kingdom to become highly popular in Fantasy fiction. Likewise, I suspect there will be novels focussed on people escaping dystopian lands or planets in search of utopias on far distant worlds or far distant islands. So what about you? What are your thoughts? 2016-11-13 06:52:50
IronspiderIf I understand the situation correctly, Donald Trump doesn't believe in the concept of anthropogenic global warming, but I'm not sure of his take on the wider uses of science and research. If we weren't already knee-deep in zombie fiction my guess is the genre would have had a sudden resurgence. Actually, the new film 'Arrival' has appeared at an interesting time - a story about a scientists' attempts at communicating with outsiders without means a common language. 2016-11-14 00:08:10
micheledutcherSo many terrible things will probably happen over the next four years that if a scary clown invited me into the woods - i'd probably just follow him. I've been told that unless humans significantly lower smog by March of 2017, we will be past the point of no return...humanity as it exists now, will be wiped out. 2018: Continued wild fires burning up the American Southwest for lack of rain. By 2020 Mass migrations of people to the North driven out of California and Texas by drought and occasional flood. I hope there's not reincarnation - and I apologize to my grandchildren for not being able to change things. sigh2016-11-14 12:19:32
rt@ Michele, I never gave dates for your comments but I've bee saying that for years and basing that on Insurance company data as well as open comments from the Intel community throughout the planet.

Wit wind farms off the east coast alone we could supply more than enough volts for the country.

I forgot this is a prediction.Then I predict that the bozos coming into power this January will not do a damned thing until the water backs up the Potomac River, floods WDC, but not before the rest of the planet quarantines the USA.

2016-11-14 13:08:50
GordonRowlinsonFolks, I'm sorry I have no positive thoughts. I strongly feel we are entering a dark period. Trump is an authoritarian type who suffers from a narassistic personality disorder. I cannot imagine how anything good can come from this mess. My grim predictions are a deep recession with the posiblity of bailing out the banks again. It is likely that we are going to war for no good reason again. The federal deficit will explode however not to the level that forign creditors start to make demands. Climate change goes on. But will it hit the point of no return? I don't know. It is likely that Russia will feel emboldened by Trump's weak Russia policies and will take over another Eastern European country. Im sure there will be some kind of cutbacks in freedom of speach. We are seeing a rise in authoritarian leadership worldwide. I think what it means from a Sci Fi standpoint is more books and movies of a future world dominated by an evil authoritarian government. This is an overdone idea, but it is always entertaining. Also I think there will be books and movies about hard economic times. Sometimes I like such movies. I recommend Wall Street II and Company Men. Lastly and more importantly, the more I read about our current situation, the more scared I get. Clinton won the popular vote by about 2 million votes. There are people in the streets now and the lunatics that are taking charge are proposing radical things and I doubt care. If anyone has any reason to believe to think things will end up well, let me know.2016-11-14 14:59:40
RTFuture, near as in 4 to 10 years: Asian country, unnamed will be the first to successfully transfer the working brain of a human to a silicone or other non-organic substrate.

@Gordon, Fight for the Bill of Rights especially the 1st Amendment. The 2nd is well protected. #4 seems to have been gutted by the courts; VIII, seriously, that has been on life support and is about to be put in the grave.

#1 is #1 for a reason.

The reason I chose an Asian nation is because I'm guessing that while we are busy shitting in our own house and destroying our very civilization, there are societies that have a long view of history and will patiently watch US implode while developing the necessary technology to do what I think they will.

The beginning of that implosion will be controlled so as not to take the rest of the planet with it until said Asian nation can safely terraform and then migrate chosen individuals and groups to a local planet. And that technology will be a key ingredient to that effort and further expansion, sort of Manifest Destiny taken to a new level.

2016-11-14 17:22:21
Wesson (Parabellum Press)I wasn't going to sound off on this one but I read an opinion piece in the NY Post today that got me thinking. It was written in response to the "Hamilton" debacle on Broadway but I think it applies to the SFF community as well. Much like Hollywood and the media, SFF seems to be a predominately liberal arena. To paraphrase the op-ed, "Red" America usually has to listen to whatever "Blue" America has to say. I would argue that's part of the reason Trump won the election: people are challenging this status quo. I politely hope that SFF writers understand this and realize they're not the only ones out there with something to say. The worst thing they can do right now is crank out a bunch of cheap dystopian novels because they think the wrong guy won, it'll only make things worse.2016-11-20 20:40:58
rt@ Wesson, the guy who won has his ass up his head when it comes to any clue about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. His #2 has the most horrible record on women's rights and was not electable in his own state.

I think people have a right to express themselves. They most certainly did when Mr. Obama was elected to the point of shutting down the Congress, and refusing to even consider a Supreme Court Justice. That's even more egregious action than booing the VP.

The people challenging the Status Quo have no real plan, no constitution, no bill of rights in place. And money talks. Those that were challenging the plan are going to be left behind no matter who takes the helm because they are not the decision makers. This is, or was, a democratic republic and as such the representatives are just that.

Chump as is is MPO, sold everyone a bill of goods. Wait and see.

No dystopian SF needed. The planet is crazy enough. Just go to the planetary gore score every morning and read the news. RT

2016-11-21 08:28:41
RTFirst, please excuse the typos. I'm a complete screw up in that area.

2nd, with regard to all the above , governments, being an organic representation of their human counterparts, morph over time, not always for the better. Republics tend to loose their original vitality. In our case, I would suggest that by the 4th or 5th generation from the founding, the time removed, the technology developed, and the variety of citizens along with their different cultural backgrounds has created a different country. I hesitate to use the word nation, since as of today, there appears to be what I would consider and cultural and political civil war brewing, a division between what is classified as Red vs Blue. Or to give a slightly tighter definition, liberal vs extreme nationalistic, right leaning, religious fundamentalist attitudes.

Change scares people. Our country is service oriented, as opposed to a manufacturing economy. And in a capitalistic society consumption is the economic driver. To our dismay, the middle class, originally bolstered by strong manufacturing and labor unions has been decimated. And considering the technology now in place within most manufacturing environments, predominated by robots and algorithms, the past is not coming back any time soon. That scares people into looking to the past for answers.

This fear, a useful tool, as expressed by Nixon, Trump, and others of that political stripe throughout the planet, is being used today and although the promises made are hollow, give the disenfranchised a twig to cling to, especially when the two tigers of poverty and fear are above and below, waiting for their fall.

What does that mean to me? It means that political systems morph. Caesar crossed the Rubicon. Trump and Pence are crossing the Potomac.

2016-11-22 06:07:47
micheledutcherWell, since you asked: Chump is heading for a fall. He has problems with foreign countries seeking favors because he has borrowed so much money from them. For instance: Germany could call in their loans to him of 300 million dollars (Deutsch Bank, since) 1998 especially as they have some lawsuit being decided next year here in our court system. Chump could handle this ethically, but he won't, because he believes he has been crowned emperor of the world, so he can shoot people in the middle of 5th avenue in NYC and no one would ever say a word. The fall of the emperor might come because of his lust for 13 year old girls. He was being sued by the madam he used for his 'modeling' agency in the 1980s, because Chump raped 13 and 14 year old girls on a regular basis with his pedophile friends. He even said that he finds his own daughter to be more sexually attractive than his wife - but having seen the pictures of Melania oiled up and chained up, the first 'lady' makes me want to vomit as well. He invited Russia to hack into his opponent's emails so he could throw some dirt on her. In return he will be offering them favors, like backing out of protecting our allies in Europe so Putin can take over vast stretches of Europe. And now he is filling up his cabinet with White Supremists. The Nazis are cheering his rise to power...although Chump says he doesn't know why Nazis would be happy to see him climb to the top, because he 'isn't a racist'. If his own party doesn't stab him in the back, it won't take long for this moron to be impeached because of international financial shenanigans. Will Mike Pence be any better? No, but at least he won't be Chump. 2016-11-25 10:31:12
GordonRowlinsonI have a theory that Chump owes money to Russian banks and that why how Putin controls him. At any rate, impeachment is quite possible. Trump made a lot of of big talk and crazy promises. How can he help the blue collar workers and help the rich get richer (which is the traditional Republican goal) at the same time? He has already backpedaled on promises. A lot of conservatives want Pence anyway and could take him out. Clinton's popular vote is well over 2 million. There is a petition from change.org to have electors override electoral college. Polls before the election and exit polls show a Clinton win. She has ordered recounts of several swing states. If recounts show a Clinton victory, the shit really hits the fan. At any rate, it's time to start drinking large amounts of alcohol. Maybe I shouldn't write about this ugliness on this site. Maybe we should talk ScFi as an escape from these dark times. This shitshow is just starting.2016-11-26 09:50:19
rt@ Gordon, uncharted territory, this is SCI FI becoming real. You can't do business in Russia w/o going through the Oligarchs which means Putin. In China the PLA runs everything.

The electoral college did vote contrary to the votes 2 times in the 19th Century.

yes over 2 million and still counting. That's a lot of votes. Look into DIEBOLT.

2016-11-27 05:06:38

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