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mark211Most interesting non-human character in SFF?2016-11-27 07:47:29
mark211Thanks to everyone for their contributions to the previous discussion, which ran for two weeks rather than the usual one.2016-11-27 07:48:01
mark211So, turning to matters more clearly SFF in nature, what do you think have been the most interesting non-human characters in SFF?2016-11-27 07:48:43
mark211We can of course include human-like or humanoid characters in this, such as Emiko, the eponymous 'wind-up girl' from Paolo Bacigalupi's novel of the same name; Dracula, Mr Spock, Galadriel etc. etc., but I was thinking more along the lines of striking non-human / humanoid characters e.g. the Homekind from QM's very own Timothy Goyette who appear in his novel, Lockdown. So what do you think? And what do you think is good or striking about them? Let us know below.2016-11-27 07:54:17
RTDonald Trump in the One Act SCI-FI puppet show, "Whine and Weasel Your Way to the top OR make Amerika Grape", by The Russian Grandmaster Puppeteer, Vald the Putin. Voices by The Alt-not-quite-right. 2016-11-27 12:54:51
GordonRowlinsonGood one! Brutal... For second place non-human, I'll mention C-3PO and R2D2 from Star Wars.2016-11-28 09:21:48
IronspiderHmm, difficult question, lots of possibilities. I think I'd opt for the Hani, as an interesting species, who appear in the Chanur series of novels by C. J. Cherryh. Bipedal felines with a complex social structure, inhabiting a region of space with several other alien species, where conflict is difficult to avoid. Within the Chanur novels it's a lone human who is the alien, so the series does a volte-face and approaches the narrative from an alien perspective, which I thought worked quite well.2016-11-30 23:55:36

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