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mark211Coolest weapons in SFF?2016-12-11 03:31:47
mark211Thanks, as always, for everyone who contributes to these discussion boards.2016-12-11 03:32:21
mark211This week, I thought we could have a think about the arsenal of weapons that one can find stored in a fair number of SF books and certainly in Fantasy novels. So from either a reader or a writer's perspective, what are the absolute coolest weapons wielded in SFF? 2016-12-11 03:34:45
mark211The list is surprisingly long - Terry Brooks gives us both the Sword of Leah and the Sword of Shannara, both of which are magical weapons; Fritz Leiber's barbarian hero Fafhrd fights with his sword Graywand; George R.R. Martin's Jon Stark wields Longclaw, a Valerian blade. I'm sure there are plenty more besides - and that's just swords! So what do you reckon? Any favourites? What makes them 'cool' or memorable?2016-12-11 03:40:25
RTThe Pen.2016-12-11 17:21:20
GordonRowlinsonI think the Terminator from the Terminator movies is memorable. As usual, Hollywood milked the idea and made too many movies from the idea. Also in the novel The Ground Zero Man by Bob Shaw, the main character invents a machine that has the capability to explode all nuclear weapons on earth. He thinks this will force nations to give up nukes. Of course he is wrong.2016-12-12 09:29:01
IronspiderAppearing in a number of M John Harrison books - I've always wanted a Chambers Reaction pistol. I've no idea how they work - they leave fist-sized holes in things, people mainly... And of course, the Centauri Device itself. Read the book through to the end and the concept of the ultimate 'ultimate weapon'.2016-12-14 05:20:32

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