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tgoyetteGreat Monsters?2012-10-01 02:59:55
tgoyetteAs part of our month of Horror, let's discuss some creepy things. Who were the best monsters out there? What scared you as a child? I saw a movie as a child where a giant single cell creature rampaged the countryside. I was convinced it was under my bed for a long time afterwards. The day of the triffids also freaked me out as a kid.2012-10-01 03:07:16
r.tornelloThe Crawling Eye and fog. (I'm dating myself). It would get so foggy where we lived that I couldn't see in front of me. I always thought we were being invaded, well only at night when one's mind tends to run away with itself. RT2012-10-01 07:34:51
GordonRowlinsonWhen I was a young kid, I was terrified of a vampire movie. I have to say that the vampire is easily the greatest monster of literature and movies. Bram Stoker was way ahead of his time when he wrote Dracula. The vampire is an intelligent monster that is heartless and comes to kill you in the night. Also there is usually a sexual undertone in vampire stories. The vampire usually tries to steal the good guy's girl so you hate him more. As for modern monster, I am impressed at the Alien monster as it was an intelligent monster and constantly changing and unknown in capabilites. The monster was created by Daniel O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett who wrote the movie screenplay. Something that the novel brought out more and the movies were lacking is the Alien monster was intelligent and was countering the moves of the humans. There was a fear that the Alien was more intelligent life form. 2012-10-03 05:45:28
micheledutcherI'm in line with Gordon - Dracula's Brides (60s?) scared me - the scene with a mother standing in front of Dracula's castle begging for her baby back - while inside, in the darkness, you could see the brides of Dracula circling the helpless infant. Still gives me chills! the 1st time I watched Alien was on VHS, with the sound turned OFF, with frequent sandwich breaks (I'm kinda a coward, true) Lovecraft scared the crap out of me as a reader, BUT the monster was never successfully captured in film (so far)2012-10-07 10:53:38

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