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mark211Happy New Year! Also - Is the human race irretrievably insane?2017-01-01 08:06:09
mark211Yes, yes, I know for many people - myself included - that 2016 has been something of a rum old do of a year and that therefore, traditionally, a look forward to 2017 and beyond should be taken with an optimistic eye. However ...2017-01-01 08:07:25
mark211... just today I read a detailed review of a recently released (non-fiction) book by Lukas Kamienski entitled 'Shooting Up: A History of Drugs in Warfare' - which was frankly terrifying. Not only was it terrifying in and of itself - the basic argument is that warfare through the ages is next to impossible unless the combatants engaged in it are half out of their minds - but also for the unstated implications: there are essentially two ways in which you can get your soldiers blitzed. The first is chemically - a shot of rum, a dash of 'Dutch courage', cocaine or an amphetamine - the second is psychological, preferably religious.2017-01-01 08:12:06
mark211Now, of course, that book was about warfare - but think of the wide-ranging influence that warfare has on peace time culture and also how drugs have a likewise huge impact on peace time culture and you soon arrive at the plausible conclusion that human civilisation is more or less dependent for its success on getting completely bombed out its mind using one or another stimulant and from that point of view - Is the human race irretrievably insane?2017-01-01 08:14:52
mark211What do you think? Can we recover the situation? What if we don't? And what about the rest of the universe? Is it going to be ready to have waves of marauding crack heads filtering through space trying to turn every alien artefact into a makeshift bong? Are Bill and Ted of Amazing Adventure fame the ideal model for space travellers and ambassadors to alien worlds? Is there any hope for our opposable-thumbed species? Do let me know your thoughts ...2017-01-01 08:17:11
RTI've said it many times in different short stories:

We are either a simulation in some monstrous system (TRON or 13th Floor or consider the current West World) and some corporation is screwing with us, by beings who's lifespans make ours look like one hour OR we are quarantined from the rest of the galaxy because we truly are insane.

2017-01-02 12:59:31
r.tornelloI have a point to make, If we know we're insane then are we? If we state No, then we just might possibly be. Crazy people don't believe they're crazy. How do we resolve this?I'll go back to Joseph Heller, Catch 22.2017-01-03 11:04:28
mark211"If we know we're insane then are we?" That's a good question, but actually I'm going to say that it is entirely possible to be mad while also being aware of being mad - for instance, if I have an OCD that compels to wash my hands over and over and over and over every time I go to the bathroom, it doesn't mean that I am unaware of how abnormal that is regardless of the fact that I am unable to stop myself from doing it. I would even argue that all but the most severe cases of paranoid schizophrenia result in someone who feels compelled to respond to the environment they *think* they are in with one part of their mind while - on some level at least - they are aware that what they think is true is not. It's precisely that failure to distinguish between what is inside their head and what is outside of it that forces the dilemma and consequent stress in the first place i.e. they have an idea that at least some of what they think is true is actually a delusion but lacking the ability to discern which is which they take the 'safe' option and act on the basis of the most threatening belief being true. So for instance, if the thought flashes through my mind that my girlfriend wants to stab me to death in my sleep then I wave that thought away as obviously being false. But if I were a paranoid schizophrenic I might choose not to take that chance even if at some level I'm aware that it might be untrue.2017-01-03 12:49:03
rt@ Mark, Trust me on this, true insanity knows no other reality. OCD is a scratch on the arm compared to insanity. And we know as a killing monkey species, we know no other reality as illustrated by our historical activities and more throughout time. 2017-01-04 06:03:27
r.tornelloAre we insane? Look at the growing chaos throughout the planet. People attacking each other for what? But if you and I know its insane, and back to my original argument (and Catch 22), we can't be insane, yet we participate within it. Now that's schizophrenia!

The Grays are having a ball watching this comedy.

2017-01-05 08:34:56
r.tornelloa shameless plug for revealed current insanity,read:


2017-01-05 12:55:30
Michele DutcherAs far as drugs in warfare, how else are you going to make it through? One of my husbands was in Vietnam and after killing civilians by proxy, he got a medical expulsion because he was so high all the time. Noon's brain can stand the blunt force trauma of war.2017-01-06 02:42:50
MichelePeople keep saying 'the greatest generation' was above all that...as if their experience with war was a John Wayne bomber pilot movie. The drug of choice for ww2 was whiskey. ..STILL A DRUG.2017-01-06 02:45:58
Michele Dutcher Perhaps war is a way to disperse a drug exchange program. Armies bring their drug of choice with them and the conquered use it to drown their sorrows - like the Indians and whiskey- or the winners assimilate the conquered drugs into their society like weed and Vietnam. 2017-01-06 02:53:20
Michele Dutcher Perhaps war is a way to disperse a drug exchange program. Armies bring their drug of choice with them and the conquered use it to drown their sorrows - like the Indians and whiskey- or the winners assimilate the conquered drugs into their society like weed and Vietnam. 2017-01-06 02:53:53
RT@ Michele. Drug Exchange program, nice. FYI weed has always been part of the N. American continent. It's called hemp. It was used for rope, paper, medicine and smoking. Look under the term Golden Triangle, and then look at the areas that produce opium and like drugs. Superimpose where wars have been fought and you will find an historical overlay.

spelling question "no one's brain" or his name was Noon? RT

2017-01-06 06:55:33

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